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Muck Beginners Guide | Top 7 Tips and Tricks to survive Longer

Muck on Steam is a new cool survival game that came out a week ago, a free Survival Multiplayer game developed by the Youtuber: Dani, who also makes custom games and has a huge fan following youtube.

He Developed Muck which is really small in size and compatible with every PC right there. There should be no conflict about RAM consumption or High GPU usage.

The Game is pretty the same as Minecraft, just survival but pretty basic game, but interesting to play with your friends and close ones.

In Muck, it’s challenging for you if you are playing a survival game for the first time or have never played Minecraft before. Here we are providing some of the best top 10 tips and tricks to survive longer in Muck, as well as a brief guide.

How to Start Survival Mode in Muck

Before getting into the Tips and Tricks part, let’s see how you can get into the Survival Mode and some basic settings you should be aware of while making lobbies and joining them.

Difficulty – This defines the in-game level’s difficulty. Easy mode is recommended for beginners.

Player Damage – This Option is not much useful. Just keep it off so that you would not kill your teammates by mistake.

Game Mode – There are three game modes in Muck, which are pretty clear by the names. Survival, Vs., and Creative mode. Survival is the one that we need to understand here.

Now let us check out some Basic plus advanced level tips to survive in Muck –

Tip 1 : Understand Basic Stuff

Before Proceeding out further, it is necessary to get some basic information about the bars. The bar at the right bottom of the game screen represents your Health, Food, and Stamina. The Green one represents health. If you lose it, you will die. Make sure to always be in a safe place away from the mobs and avoid getting damaged. The food bar represents the food intake you will need to survive, so be sure to eat apples and mushrooms because it can help you regenerate your food bar and get the stamina for normal running, jumping, or moving around faster.

Tip 2 : Get an Wooden Axe Asap

After you know about the number bars, it’s time to get some essential tools for that start, which is the Wood Axe. Woods are the basic requirements to build some basic tools. Get a rock from the ground and use the rock to get the woods from the trees by hitting the rocks on trees. Now you are rich in woods. You will need a workbench to make the tools.

By Using Wooden Axe, players can easily do much more quick harvesting as well as defending themselves. There are many more tools that can protect you from the Mobs, but at the start, you can only use the Wooden Axe. That would be enough.

Tip 3 : Make Skybase

During the day, you are completely safe. You can roam easily anywhere, but at night there you will be chased by mobs and other creatures, making you dead in few minutes. It would help if you found some shelter above the ground. Yes, you heard it right, do not make houses or camp on the ground. The mobs can easily destroy your house on the ground and can kill you while you are inside.

To get rid of Monsters at night, making wooden roofs can be beneficial, they are really safe to try making the clean and neat staircase, and you can walk up and can put workbenches at the top, if the monsters break it down, you can chill on the workbenches for the night. Also, there is nothing to worry about if you fall as there is no fall damage.

How to Build Your Own SECRET SKY BASE :

Tip 4 : Get Some Food

This is the most important step in the guide. You must check your right bottom bar, which consists of a health bar in green color with heart emoji right on it. The bar will slowly go down and down from day to night while moving, jumping, and fighting with the mobs. You really need to take care of your health.

Start with some common food sources: Apple, Mushrooms, Wheat, and cows. You must really pay attention to the ground in search of mushrooms and other foods. Wheat resurfaces regularly, so store upon it for bread production. To make the bread, you will need a workbench to craft the wheat to the dough. To make the dough, collect the bread and wood placed into the Cauldron craft station and fuel it.

It may take time to cook foods with the workbench, but you can get the easy one like apples and mushrooms easily gathering directly from the ground. You can get different types of mushrooms for different work. Check below :

Red Mushrooms = Health
Yellow Mushrooms = Fill up Hunger
Pink Mushrooms = Stamina
Rainbow Mushrooms = Mix of Everything (Health/Hunger/Stamina)

Tip 5 : Loot Chests for Powerups

You really want to get these loot chests that can give you free healths, jumps, or sprints. The loot chests can be found on the ground in the open-world anywhere. If you see some chests on the ground, you can use coins to open them. Coins can be earned easily by killing mobs and monsters. They leave down some coins after you kill them on the ground. Use those coins to open chests and get some cool items from them.

Chests have many colors, which defines their rarity, from common to rare chests every chest you can find on the ground, smaller or common chest will charge you around 25 coins which is the lowest amount of money to open the chest, the coin amount can go to 150 to 200 coins to open the legendary or rare chests. It’s up to you if you want to spend on common chest treasures or save for the rare one. Only open the 25 coins chest on Day 1. Avoid opening other larger chests. Stick with the basic ones, and you will be able to get accessories possible earlier.

Tip 6 : Fighting with Mobs and Monsters

Using protector tools like sword and bow is really good if you can get a one if you can make it. The bow is straightforward to craft as compared to the sword. To learn how to construct a Bow, make a Workbench, and then craft a Rope. You’ll need to locate Wheat first if you don’t have the Rope recipe.

To make the swords, the required item is “Adamantite” they can be recognized easily by its color, dark black. Use those rocks to mine and make a sword with the furnace. Smelt some Iron Ore in the Furnace, and you’ll discover how to make the Anvil.

Collect the Birchwood, which will be required to make the sword. You cannot break the birch wood with the wooden Axe. You will need a Steel Axe to do that. Craft the Anvil with 5 Iron bars and 15 Adamantite Rocks to get the Steel Axe. After getting the Birchwood hitting with the Steel Axe, you can finally make the sword with 7 Iron Bars and 5 Birch Woods by crafting it.

Tip 7 : Play with your Friends

This might feel like this is not useful, but no Playing with your friends can be beneficial to both of you. It is way easier to play the game with friends. To do so, you need to Host Lobby and invite your friend by providing him with the invite code. Also, Make sure you haven’t started the match before inviting your friend. This will generate some errors like no lobby found or others. So make sure you wait for your friend to join the lobby then you are good to start.

Friends can make it way easier, like you guys can split up and get loots, and if you die and your friend is still alive, you can come up every morning, so playing with friends is simple and effective.

That was all about the Muck survival guide and tips and tricks. I hope this helped you as a beginner, make sure to share this with your friends and the needy ones that might help them get into muck easier than before. Thanks for reading.

Written by
Nikhil Kumar

Nikhil Kumar is a Future Gaming site Professional writer who focus more on Game guides, Error Fixes, and some interesting How-to posts for needy ones. Detailed and Unique posts are always coming from me and written in easy language for better understanding.

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