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Naraka: Bladepoint (A New Gen Battle Royale)

Naraka: Bladepoint is a new generation battle royale for fans of fighting games and hacks n slash games. This game is developed by 24 Entertainment and published by NetEase Games Montréal. This game was released on 11 August 2021.

It is a 60 players battle royal where players perform parkour with insane mobility and a grappling hook. With a variety of weapons from ranged to melee, you get different characters you can create. Use their unique abilities and fighting skills to dominate your enemies.

This game consists of 4 different editions:

naraka bladepoint edition
  1. Standard Edition : Here you get base game, hero Yoto Hime and Tarka Ji’s [Enlightened] outfit.
  2. Deluxe Edition : Here you get base game, hero Yoto Hime, Tarka Ji’s [Enlightened] outfit, Exclusive spear skin and Immortal Treasure X10.
  3. Asura Edition : Here you get base game, hero Yoto Hime, Tarka Ji’s [Enlightened] outfit, Summit1g Temulch Special Outfit, Lirik Tianhai Special Outfit, Shroud Tarka Ji Special Outfit.
  4. Ultimate Edition : Here you get base game, hero Yoto Hime, Tarka Ji’s [Enlightened] outfit, Exclusive spear skin, Exclusive Grappling Hook, Immortal Treasure X10, Digital Soundtrack and Digital Art Booklet.


naraka bladepoint features

Unchained Multiplayer Combat

Vertical guide plan, really different person abilities and a fresh out of the plastic new restoration framework.

Partake in the adventure of conflicting edges and flying bolts in the war zone of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT!

Crazy Mobility

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’s intuitive guide configuration permits you to meander Morus Island with opportunity. Walk each way you find. Arrive at each spot you see. Take out each rival you experience.

Staggering Eastern Artstyle

Together In blood and residue, saints from around the world assemble in Morus Island. There is just battling, and there is just demise or life.


naraka bladepoint characters

There are a total of 7 heroes in Naraka Bladepoint.

  1. Viper Ning : Her skill Yushan Enigma knocks down the enemy with a powerful blast. This technique can be used in a crowded area where there are a lot of enemies. Her ultimate ability, Twilight Crimson, marks nearby enemies and stuns them for 5 seconds.
  2. Kurumi : Her ability Ward allows you to heal yourself and your teammates. Her ultimate ability, Scared Circle, creates a healing area that heals the teammates and their armor too. But this ability can be hindered by other characters abilities like Viper Ning Twilight Crimson.
  3. Matari : Silent Flutter of Matari allows you to teleport to a certain distance. This ability is great when it comes to scouting the enemy ground. Her ultimate Unseen Wings reduce the cooldown for Silent Flutter, and she turns in her stealth mode, which lasts for 25 seconds.
  4. Tarka Ji : Inner Fire of Tarka Ji allows him to block melee attacks and with a well-timed block he can counter-attack. With the Bide Variation, you can create a fireball and knock down opponents. His ultimate move Blackout allows him to cover himself with fire and push/knock enemies back.
  5. Temulch : His ability Zephyr Wind allows him to create a whirlwind and can block non-explosive attacks. His ultimate Zephyr Prison creates a wind barrier that knocks enemies back when they come close or encounter it.
  6. Tianhai : With Divine Bell of Tianhai you can black all physical attacks and ranged projectiles. His ultimate ability, Titan’s Call, turns him into a Varja. Varja can grab enemies and through them and smash them on the ground.
  7. Yoto Hime : Spirit Splash of Yoto Hime throw your blades at the enemy and teleports you towards them to given one more slash attack. Her Ultimate Ominous Blade gives her a large blade that she can swing three times. You can also use it as a projectile.

Final Review

Overall, Naraka: Bladepoint is a great fast-paced multiplayer game with various weapons and abilities to go on with. Since it is a new release, it has much more time to grow and improve the game. Players who like hack n slash games are totally going to love it.

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