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Nine to Five (Steam) – All About new 3v3v3 Tactical FPS Game

Nine to Five is a new game, which is currently in Early Access, available on Steam for Download. You must check this review here, before downloading & installing this game on your desktop.

Nine to Five is a new Free to Play 3v3v3 Tactical FPS (First Person Shooter) game, where you have your own total of 3 player team, move on by doing the objectives and killing the opponents one by one.

Developed by Redhill games, which is a huge gaming company which also releases games like – Max Payne, Quantum Break, Arma 3 and many more.

For Further details about the game, keep reading this Nine to five review, and bookmark this page for later.

Release Date & Early Access

Nine to Five is currently released, and was available to download as beta from 27 August 2021.

This game is in Early access, and still developing and improving with active updates. The Game developers stated that, the game is lacking a lot of stuffs that is need to be approved.

The Early access will stay long, the Redhill games says, it has lots to do with the game Improvement and the Full version of the game may arrive later with the end of Early access around the first half of 2022.

System Requirements Nine to Five Game

Minimum System requirements the games needs, are very desent, it doesn’t need High End PC to run.

  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2320 / AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GEFORCE® GTX 750ti / AMD Radeon™ HD 7850
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 20 GB available space

Nine to Five Gameplay

The Gameplay of Nine to Five looks pretty descent, not that great, and it looks similar to games such as Rainbow Six Siege and Zero hour. It is an Objective based game where you will have different tasks to do to complete that level.

There are total of 3 rounds in this game, The first and Second round will be Finding and securing the Robot where you have to kill all the players and secure that area where the robot is located.

The Third Round will be Extraction mission, where only the last team to kill the opposite, will survive the game and the match will be completed.

Leveling up and XP

Levelling Up in this game is very easy, and quick to do. As you complete the Objective in the shooter game, the last team to survive will won the match as you already know.

But, here is a twist the game does not shows any team as a winner, even if you killed all and completed the objectives, it does not give you winner details.

Instead of that, the game gives you lots of XP’s and Bonuses after you survive the match, even if you lose. So just grind into the game, lose it and you will get a lots of XP, and you will be level up faster.

Weapons and Recoil

The Weapons and the Attachments in this game are easy to unlock. After completing the Objectives and missions, you will recieve game currencies, that you can use to purchase weapons.

Use the currency to Unlock your best demanding Weapons, Characters and Attachments for the weapons that will improve your game.

Talking about Recoil Pattern of the Weapons, Its pretty bad to control. The Recoil pattern is so outdated, and does not feel right. and it does not have that the best recoil animations like we see in other FPS games.

Player Movements & Footsteps

Talking about Player Movements, this game has weird Player movements that you can ever get, running, walking & Jumping every movement does not feel real, and feels like the player is floating sometimes.

Also, the Footsteps in the game, are non existent. You will find it difficult to spot the other player in the match, as the Footsteps does not sounds right. and most of the time, you will not hear the footsteps.

Store & Marketplace

The Marketplace is quite bigger, from the Store in game options you can buy a lots of Weepons, Baseline Weapons with the In game currency which are Platinums.

You start with 500 Platinums at default in the game, and rest you have to buy the Platinums with real money. The Marketplace has categories which are – Weekly, Featured, Armors, Currency. Where you can explore the whole store.

There are many Weapons which are modified, with the factor called Weapon Parameters, which makes every gun different and better. Weapon Parameters includes such additional power to the weapons such as – Efficeincy, Ammo, Stealth, Ballistics & Handling.

Nine to Five is a Pay to Win Game?

As a honest Opinion, Nine to five is Pay to Win game. The reasons for counting this game in pay to win list are straight forward. You can easily upgrade your weapons and attachments, and you will see a huge change in the gameplay.

To buy such modified, great parameters weapons which are available in the store with Higher Efficiency, Higher Ammo, Good Stealth are costly, and you have to buy it as the default 500 Platinums is nothing.

When you see this FPS game, where you can buy all the modified weapons, bypass the levelling process, and Unlock all the attachments with the game money, you can clearly say this is a Pay to win situation, and this should not exist!

Nine to Five Reviews & Future Updates

The Reviews of this games has been actually bad, not saying from one side, but if you check the game reviews on Steam, you will get to know.

The game is currently broken in my opinion, and needs some good bug fixes and quality improvements that everyone looking for. You will find some major bugs while playing, which is actually annoying.

The game Animations when controlling guns, throwing grenades are very descent, and there are many distractions, which makes the game little bit unprofessional to play.

Future Updates – The Redhill game says, the game still needs a lots of improvements, and fixes that they have to fix. They didn’t announced the actual date for the full version release, but they gave a hint for full release in the first half of year 2022.

Besides that all the Bugs and Low quality gameplay, this game is still Free to Play, so you are not going to lose your money, and can always have your own choice of playing Nine to five after reading this article.

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