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Top 5 Upcoming NFT/Blockchain Games for Play to Earn!

Still, Playing normal Survival games and Multiplayer and getting nothing? I bet you are not aware of NFT games which are currently booming in the gaming with real earnings.

Playing video games and getting paid in the form of Cryptocurrencies is the concept of NFT games. If you know about bitcoins (BTC) and other currencies which it was promoted by the technology called Blockchain.

If you are new to Blockchain Technology and Crypto stuff, make sure to check this article here. But for basic information about NFT’s and NFT gaming, check out below.

What are NFT and Blockchain?

  • NFT which is called Non Fungible Tokens, NFT can be both physical as well as digital assets, that you can use to make make money.
  • NFT games are blockchain games, which is implemented through in-game through which allows user to collect coins in the form of NFT’s.
  • The players can also be rewarded in the form of Cryptocurrency depends upon the types of games. You can also sell those collected NFT’s for profit.
  • The NFT’s you collect or buy an item in any blockchain game will be only accessible to you, no other third person can interface between you and your money. NFT games are the future!

Best Upcoming NFT Games, You might try

There are plenty of games that already exist for both PC as well as mobile devices, but here we are only providing you with the Unrealeasd, Upcoming NFT games for making cryptocurrencies through it and use it in real life.

Top 5 Anticipated NFT Games list

  1. Embersword
  2. Block Ape Scissors
  3. Voxie Tactics
  4. NFT11
  5. Big Time


Embersword is a modern free to play, Sandbox, MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online game) game, created by Brightstar Studios. which will be playable to the devices – PC and Browser.

It is an Action RPG type game, classless combat system where you can easily earn NFT’s by doing the tasks. The progression in this game is based on your skills, depending upon what weapons and armours are you taking.

To Earn, you have found it around the world of Ambersword. NFT’s will have a record of their history, if you kill the opponent, it will be recorded on the item.

Emborword is split into 4 Nations, and you can purchase lands there for yourself. You can make shops where people can buy or trade or make a castle for your guild.

Block Ape Scissors

Block Ape Scissors is basically a rock, paper and scissors game as expected by its name. In this game, you can bet your Shitcoins and memecoins to play against the other players.

To make money with this game, You can easily earn NFT’s in this game while playing or Enter your BAS tokens in liquidity pools for passive income.

Voxie Tactics

Voxie Tactics is free to play tactics, strategy game which is developed by Always Geeky games, which also worked with EA and Ubisoft. The game is very much similar to Final Fantasy Tactics if you had played it before you can easily relate.

In this game, you control multiple characters and play a turn-based strategy game. Talking about earnings, you can easily earn in this game in different ways. You can earn through Voxel Tokens, NFT’s while you play.

The Voxie characters can be purchasable and can be used in the game. Purchasing Voxies is not necessary, but if you want to purchase you can buy them easily.


NFT11 is a Football Manager Simulator game, inspired by Football manager Simulator, where you can easily earn by playing the game. There are Football players which you have to make a team proceed.

You have to buy a team of 11 Players, with different statistics, Positions and skills. After making the team, you have to use your team in the match against other players in the simulation match.

Use your Players strategies, Lineups, playing style so that you can easily compete with the other teams.

For Other wins, you can also buy their Booster Packs that contain NFT Players that you can use. Also, Special cards which will help you to win the games.

Big Time

Big Time is a multiplayer Action RPG game (Role Playing Game), which is developed by Big Time Studios, which is a big company that also builds such games as – Fortnite, God of War, Call of Duty, Overwatch and many more.

In this game, you can find two types of items which are divided into Tradable and non-tradable items. NFT’s which can be traded for crypto and real money and other non-tradable items, which includes gear and bonuses.

You can find the NFT’s by entering the Dungeons, Cleating the Monsters and at last fighting with the boss.

All these games are Unreleased and some of them are in the Alpha phase right now, you can try registering on their official website for more information and news.

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