Best Decidueye Build Pokémon Unite Master Rank: New Buff

In this guide, we will talk about how you can get the best Decidueye Build in Pokemon Unite in the new buff by simply following using the builds mentioned to get the best result.

Pokemon UNITE is a multi-player free game developed by TiMi Studios. It is a battle arena game and was initially released on 20 June 2020.

The Pokemon Unite universe is steadily expanding and they are finding a way to incorporate new old characters with some new interesting features. One of them is in Decidueye. Let’s have a look at it.

Important Stats

Decidueye is a MOBA and is known for its archers like qualities and moves. It is basically one of those Pokemons that take their roles quite literally and is ranked as a Ranged Attacker. It has a long reach, so it can keep a proper distance from any target they are going to aim at.

Its moves mainly focus on two different places: direct damage and changing stats.
You can obtain Arrow Quill Pokemons Unite Licence for 10000 coins.

Where Decidueye has many strengths like high attack speed, versatility, and solo objectives. It also has weaknesses like being squishy and lacking mobility options.

Best Builds for Decidueye (Laning, Jungle, Support)

Decidueye Laning Build

It is an offensive build and is well balanced which is perfect for Decidueye’s passive attacks. Razor Leaf Can be used for attacks allowing you to deal with multiple targets. When faced with an enemy, use Leaf Storm to knock them out.

In this build, your attack is +15, defense is +30, special defense is +30, the critical hit rate is +6%, critical hit damage is +12% and attack speed is +7.50%.

Muscle Band and Scope Lens can be used in combination for increased attack speed and more damage. You can use Buddy Barrier for survivability and durability.

Decidueye Jungle Build

This build is an all-offensive one and amplifies Decidueye’s attacks. Use Shadow Sneak to weaken your target and Razor Leaf to defeat targets as fast a possible.

Your attack is at +30 here, Critical Hit Rate at +8.10%, critical hit damage at +12%, and attack speed at +7.5%

Muscle Band, Razor Claw, and Scope Lens will work together like magic and will take down enemies with critical hits, damage, and attack speed.

Decidueye Support Build

This build is centered around dealing with high damage from backlines. This build is not as recommended as other builds as it cuts down Decidueye’s damage, but is viable for many other similar Pokemons. Use Spirit Shackles or Nock Nock and weak your targets.

Here, the attack is +18 and HP is +1050.

Use Attack Weight with Spirit Shackles to amplify the damage. Score Shield and BUddy Barrier help you with scoring goals and provide massive HP.

Best Movesets for Decidueye

Shadow SneakIt creates a shadow around the opposing Pokemon and decreases its movement and speed. It also increases the user’s movement speed.
Razor LeafAfter using his, the user’s basic attack speed is increased and they can easily target multiple opposing pokemon for a short period.

Best Held Items

Item NameDescription of the Item
Focus BandIt increases the Pokemon’s HP to 8/11/14% when low.
Scope LensIt increases the damage done by the user. The higher the attack, the more the damage.
Muscle BandIt increases the damage by 1/2/3%.

Final Verdict

This is an old character which has been given some new changes and you will enjoy playing it. The controls are also pretty easy, so they won’t be a problem. All in all, there won’t be any complications, it is a good player and you can become a master ranker!

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