R6 Extraction: Fix BRAVO-00000206/ DELTA 00014002 Error

In this guide, we will fix the BRAVO-00000206 and DELTA 00014002 errors that you have been facing in Rainbow Six Extraction by following the steps mentioned in the guide. Make sure your game is up to date.

Rainbow 6 Extraction is a co-op first-person shooter that can be played with up to two other people. You’re battling against parasitic aliens who have infiltrated select public spaces in Ubisoft’s latest release.

As a member of REACT, you’ll have to arm yourself in order to put an end to the alien invasion as you fight your way through several containment zones.

How to fix this error BRAVO-00000206?

  1. First thing you can do here is check if r6extraction’s server are working fine.
  2. You can do this by clicking on this link and checking there official twitter page.
  3. As an administrator, launch Rainbow Six Extraction.
  4. Remove any connection restrictions set on your ISP.
  5. Enable all incoming and outgoing connections for Rainbow Six Extraction in Windows Firewall.

How to fix this error DELTA 00014002?

  1. Close the game first from the taskbar.
  2. First check your internet connection speed.
  3. Now open ubisoft connect application.
  4. Click on your profile icon.
  5. There you will see multiple options regarding Online, Away, Do not disturb, and more.
  6. Now make sure you have set your status as online and not any other status option provided.
  7. You can now launch the game and this error will be fixed.

Common steps for both errors:

  1. Check the integrity of the game files.
  2. Reset your network settings.
  3. Change your IP address by flushing DNS.
  4. Restart your router to get better connection.
  5. Perform a fresh boot.

If none of the above steps work try reinstalling the game and now install it on a different drive and also update your drivers to the latest version.

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