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How to level up/ gain XP fast in Rainbow Six Extraction 2022

In this guide, we will talk about the best ways through which you can level up/gain XP fast in Rainbow Six Extraction. Rainbow 6 Extraction is a co-op first-person shooter that can be played with up to two other players.

You’re battling against parasitic aliens who have infiltrated select public spaces in Ubisoft’s latest release. As a member of REACT, you’ll have to arm yourself in order to put an end to the alien invasion as you fight your way through several containment zones.

Rainbow Six Extraction features a progression system where you earn XP and upgrade your character, unlock new maps, items, and more. Obtaining this XP is done through various different methods or things you do during a mission.

How to level up gain XP fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Killing Monsters Equals To More XP

In games like this XP is directly proportional to the number of enemies you have killed and the number of hard bosses you have killed. When you go in-depth into the game then these levels will increase.

So next keep in mind to hunt down as many enemies as possible so you can earn more XP to level up your progression fast and unlock new items that will help you in the later phase of the game.

Difficulty Level Earns More XP

The more difficult the level is the more XP you earn. So this game offers you the ability to choose the difficulty of the level. Hence if you choose the hardest difficulty and complete the mission you will earn a higher XP.

Remember higher difficulty is preferred if you have progressed your operator to some high level. This way you can survive higher difficulty levels and earn more XP which will further help in the development of the operators.

How to level up gain XP fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Earn XP With Studies

So every map or area features 10 or more studies that you can complete to earn XP points. For New York, San Francisco, Alaska each will have 10 studies for each. So these are like some challenges that can earn you XP.

So try to complete VR missions and associated studies with them so that can get the most out of it and progress your levels faster.

Save XP before proceeding to next objective

Keep in mind that if your character goes down or your allies go down then their XP is grounded with them until you take the XP and save it. In order to get back the XP, do the MIA mission and save them and their XP.

What can more methods can earn you XP?

How to level up gain XP fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

So you earn XP for features like serial scan, contamination, hunt, kills, tactics and health. These factors play an important role in terms of earning XP.

So if we broke down kills then the more number of kills earns you more XP. Similarly, tactics include hitting weak points, explosive kills, stealth kills, chain reaction kills, and more of these tricks.

This way not only you will earn their XP but also get more XP for completing the mission. Dying and fighting is not the most preferred choice here as you can earn more XP by hiding and saving your health and completing the mission with stealth.

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