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R6 Extraction: How to unlock rare Protean Skins & Charms

In this guide, we will talk about how you can get rare Protean Skins, charms, and other items through the easiest ways. This might take some time depending on the level of your character.

Rainbow 6 Extraction is a co-op first-person shooter that can be played with up to two other players. As a member of REACT, you’ll have to arm yourself in order to put an end to the alien invasion as you fight your way through several containment zones.

What are Protean items?

Protean items are the rare drop that you get when you defeat an enemy called Protean. These include character skins, weapons charms, and weapon skin. You also get good XP after defeating the enemy.

Remember the drops are totally random so you may get something from either of the three mentioned items.

How to defeat a Protean?

  • So most proteans apply the same tactics of vanishing in the ground and summoning low level enemies.
  • Choosing the right agent is also necessary as at higher levels they provide more features to tackle these enemies easily.
  • Claymore is effective tool against the Protean.
  • Sludge Protean is damaged from behind as it is heavily covered from front.
  • If you are on low level try using scan drone to get XP for scanning and if someone destroys nests you scan you also get XP.
  • You will find supplies in the area while fighting a Portean.
  • This fight takes time and the proteans will have operators ability.

How to unlock all skins in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Method 1:

  • First thing you need is where to find Protean Enemy.
  • You can encounter Protean during the gateway mission or while doing cautious missions.
  • Mission objective is very important. So see if you have a mission stating defeat a protean.
  • Protean may not show up in New York so choose the map San Fracisco.
  • Difficulty must be set above the easy one. So any difficulty above easy is fine.
  • Complete the objectives and in the last area you will fight Protean.
  • Use singularity portals for a boss fight with the protean.
  • When you deafeat the boss you can get items for agents smoke, alibi, and sludge.
  • Rememeber that drops are not always provided when you deafeat a protean.
  • So you have try multiple times until you get the desired skin.

Method 2:

  • Hunts objective can also be usefull to summon a Protean.
  • In these hunt missions you have to kill at least 3 mini bosses to summon the main boss.
  • Remember that for new players this method is not suited as it requires a higher difficulty.
  • If the first three targets are tormentors then there is a higher chance of the main boss being a Elite Apex or Protean.
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