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Rainbow Six Extraction: Beginner’s Guide | Tips and Tricks

Rainbow 6 Extraction is a co-op first-person shooter for you and up to two of your friends. In this latest offering from Ubisoft, you’re up against parasitic aliens that have invaded certain public areas. Being a part of REACT, you’ll need to gear up to put an end to this alien invasion, as you fight your way into certain containment zones.

Since Ubisoft didn’t exactly do a great job in explaining how the game has to be played, here are a few tips to get you ready for the game when it releases.

The Objective

Each map in R6 Extraction has 3 sub-zones separated by an airlock, each with a region-specific objective. The challenges you face will grow more difficult the deeper you venture into more sub-zones. It’s up to you and your teams to decide whether to extract after each objective or venture further if you’re feeling brave. You’ll need to check what the objective for each sub-zone is and make sure it is completed before moving on through the next airlock. If you successfully carry out all objectives and extract them at the end of the mission, you get rewarded with maximum XP.

If at any point the task is too much to handle, you can extract pre-emptively and get the XP for the extent of your progress. This is always a great option than biting off more than you can chew and having to leave your operator in the containment zone for a not-so-bright future.

The Operators

There are 18 operators in R6 Extraction. If you’re not familiar with them by playing R6 Siege already, you may need to go through each of their unique weapon and ability sets, before you can embark upon your first Extraction. The game is much easier if you coordinate with your teammates to pick a composition that fits the given scenario.


The XP you earn from each extraction can be used to level up to unlock new and more advanced weapons as well as upgrade your operators’ perks and abilities. So don’t forget to constantly check your loadout screen for more upgrades being unlocked, they really come in handy.

Roster Health

To be good at this game you need to keep track of your Operator’s health as you pick the right one.

If you take a beating and make a close escape in R6 Extraction, the operator you were using might be classified as Injured and go into a cooldown as they recover. You are unable to use them for the next few missions so you will have to go on missions with some other operator while they’re down. This is a great mechanic that adds a little bit of realism while also forcing you to try out new and lesser-used operators, that you just might start to like.

However, if all of your health is depleted, you will be downed and given this sort of protective covering. You can no longer move and can only ask your teammate to give you a lift to an Extraction Pod to save your operator’s life.

If your teammates fail to recover your body and perform a successful extraction, your operator will be deemed MIA (Missing in Action). This bars you from using this Operator until you rescue them on an MIA mission.

If you have an MIA Operator, you can quickly jump on a rescue mission to the same map to try and rescue your fallen operator. You will have to locate a tree that holds the operator captive, deplete its energy as you fight different hordes of aliens. Once you successfully pull the operator out of the tree and put him/her in an Extraction Pod, they will soon become playable again.

Taking Control of the Map

Certain regions in the maps are continuously in the process of getting covered in a black mass called The Sprawl. This is particularly annoying as it slows down the operators and speeds up the alien enemies. You can, however, shoot, melee them to temporarily scatter it or destroy the nearby nest to clear it for good.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, the level design is your ally. With equipment like the React light, you can see enemies through walls when close enough, to easily kill them without even getting attacked. There are also multiple Ammunition, Health, and Ability boxes scattered around the map which refills all your abilities, so be on the lookout for these.


In R6 Extraction, your operators are equipped with the new REACT Tech, which along with your weapons, helps in each extraction. Make sure to have varied React Tech loadouts divided among your teammates before embarking on an extraction.

Play Tactically

A lot of players may take R6- Extraction as just another zombie shooter where you go in and kill a bunch of zombies, get out. Since after all, the game has “Rainbow Six” in its name, you will have to play the game out tactically to beat it properly. You can use your reaction to light to reveal enemy weak points, study each enemy archetype, stay out of Sprawl, and of course, use stealth instead of firing at everything that moves.

There you have it, everything you needed to know as a beginner before you go in on your first ever Extraction. Note that this game is best when played with friends, as it involves a lot of teamwork and trust to play out.

Rainbow SIX Extraction releases on the 20th of January on PC and Xbox Series X. This game will be on Xbox Game Pass on day 1, so you can give that a shot too.

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