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Rainbow Six Extraction: Top Best Guns for Beginners (Ranked)

Rainbow Six Extraction is around the corner coming with a variety of weapons, most of which are related to and tied to a specific Operator. For those who have already played Siege determining which guns are the best can be quite easy because some of them behave similarly as they do in Rainbow 6 Seige but there are few standouts. 

But for those who are beginners deciding which weapon to use when confronted with the Chimera parasite can be difficult. So here is this guide to assist you in such a situation. We have ranked some of the best guns as well as each operator’s weapon for you. 

Rainbow 6 Extraction: Best guns to use for Beginners

The best guns in Rainbow 6 Extraction are worth keeping an eye out for on your Operators so you can employ them during Archaean Incursions. You must choose your Operator and then a proper loadout from a range of weaponry for your Sub-Zone objectives at the start of each mission.

Rainbow Six Extraction, like Rainbow 6 Siege, emphasizes stealth and tactics, which extends to the guns you and your squad use.


Rainbow 6 Extraction shotguns are extremely powerful because of the close-range nature against Archaean encounters. You should have at least one with your team. The SG-CQB, M590A1, M870, and M1014 are all-powerful and great enough for dealing with any Archaean variety. 

They can also deal with stronger ones encountered in the Hunt goal in Rainbow Six Extraction missions or on higher difficulties.

The main disadvantage is that they cannot be suppressed (except for Hibana’s Supernova), so make sure you have a dependable, suppressed secondary weapon to employ instead of stealth.


As you prowl through the Sub-Zones with your squad, any of the pistols, even with a suppressor, may provide rapid headshot kills on basic Archaean enemies.

Many Operators use the P9 or P12, which are well-balanced pistols with good damage and a large magazine. Some Operators will also have a suppressed high-calibre pistol with a smaller magazine, such as Finka’s PMM.

You can use your silenced pistol to shoot Sprawl and clear a passage for your squad while saving ammo for your primary weapon. 

Scorpion EVO 3 A1

The rapid-fire Scorpion carbine is Ela’s first weapon and is a highly effective weapon because of its high rate of fire and large, 40-round magazine. Using it in burst mode lets you fire three quick shots with a single pull of the trigger. 


It’s similar to Ela’s Scorpion, except it deals more damage per bullet and fires at a slower rate. The V308 is a powerful weapon with a large 50-round drum magazine that can be reloaded quickly.

It also has relatively vertical recoil that’s easy to adjust, as well as burst-fire and semi-automatic settings.  The V308, which is available to Lion and Rook, blends high-calibre power with a compact, SMG-style form. 

Spear .308

Finka’s Spear.308 is an accurate, all-rounder assault rifle that can handle any circumstance in a Hot Zone. Due to her Adrenal Surge ability, she is one of Rainbow Six Extraction’s top operators.

The Spear has strong damage and fire rate numbers, indicating that it can deal a lot of damage, but it also has low and easy-to-control recoil. It’s not effective at close range, but excellent at knocking down Archaeans at longer ranges.


Operator HIBANA allows the use of Type-89 from Level 1.  From the start of the game, the traditional assault rifle possesses medium stopping power and is a relatively reliable weapon.

The Type-89 can be effective in compact situations due to its quick-fire rate and ability to deliver a lot of damage.

However, because of the small magazine size, it’s easy to get carried away and run out of ammo, putting you in a dangerous scenario and possibly requiring an early extraction.


In Rainbow Six Extraction, the MP7 can be used by Operator JGER once they hit Level 3 or Operator IQ once they reach Level 6. It’s a close-to-mid-range submachine gun with good penetration that can come in handy early in the game.

The SMG’s fast fire rate and low recoil make it dependable and enjoyable to use, allowing you to kill multiple targets in a couple of seconds.

The MP7 is ideal for those players who enjoy being on the attack all of the time, although it can be tough to handle during extended bursts of fire. The MP7, on the other hand, might quickly become your favourite SMG if you’re a player who can handle it.


Used by Operator SLEDGE once gained Level 3. This secondary weapon is a tiny machine gun with a rapid rate of fire that packs a punch. The weapon has an extremely fast firing rate, decent recoil and deals good damage but reduced magazine size. 


Used by Ela operator once reached Level 9.  It’s a medium-range AR with a custom shoulder stock, handguard, and flat upper rail. While you’ll have to play a lot of Ela to get your hands on the M762, it’s well worth it.

With a high fire rate, recoil and relatively easy to control, the pistol causes a lot of damage to foes.

With all of these features crammed into a single weapon, M762 users are likely to kill the most Archaeans throughout every mission.

416-C Carbine

Operator JGER allows the use of 416-C Carbine once reached Level 6. The weapon is a medium-range assault rifle with a rapid rate of fire and heavy recoil.

The 416-C Carbine had no recoil at all earlier, making it feel like a laser weapon in the hands of most players.

This was eventually nerfed, and luckily the weapon now has more recoil. This rifle is still one of the best, capable of doing a lot of damage if you can keep the recoil under control.

These were some of the best guns for you to try. There are some other well-known guns too other than this that are really powerful at use. But before those, try your hand on and fire away with these deadly weapons.

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