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Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Operators to Use for Beginners

Rainbow Six Extraction is a 3 player co-op FPS game by Ubisoft. You’re tasked to gear up and clear a certain containment area of their alien invaders by completing a number of varied objectives and missions. This is an extension of the Rainbow Six Siege universe so all the agents are familiar faces, however, there will be a few noticeable changes to their kits. To beat this game properly, you do need to choose a roster of operators that work well together.

The game provides you with 18 unique operators and each one is fine-tuned for specific playstyles. But as a beginner, you need to understand how the game works and find your footing before you go selecting an operator matching your playstyle. So here are the best operators you can play as a beginner.


Finka is a great all-rounder balanced operator to start the game off with. Her power is to heal and provide a buff to herself and her teammates near her. She also has a pretty neat loadout with a great assault rifle.


If the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, Doc is primarily a healing operator with some added defense. With him, you can shoot Health Shots to heal injured or even downed teammates including yourself. The amount of times you’ll be in situations where a health shot comes in handy is tremendous, making Doc a comfort pick for any beginner player.


For a game like Extraction, the primary focus is on stealth, and an operator like Lion is a great fit for that. His drone passively marks moving enemies helping you plan your assault. Lion also has a great loadout and is good with both armor and movement.


If you’re a patient player and are into stealth more than guns-blazing Vigil should be your go-to operator. Using his Disruptor power you can disrupt the alien enemies’ vision and hearing senses allowing you and your teammates to vanish and take cover. This comes in real handy when something goes off from your perfect stealth run and you want to get back on track fast and easy.


Pulse is for the players who like straight up close-quarters combat more. He also helps a ton with recon using his Cardiac Sensor which works a lot like Lion’s drone but emphasizes one direction. He is a great beginner operator thanks to his great movement speed and good short-range loadouts.

So these are the best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction to play as a beginner. Once you progress through the levels of the game, you can try new operators like Alibi, Tachanka, Ela, and Fuze, which are for a little more skilled and experienced players.

Rainbow Six Extraction is set to release on the 20th of January on PC and Xbox Series X. Let us know which of these operators worked the best for you and your elite team.

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