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Rainbow Six Extraction: How to Level Up Operators Fast

Rainbow Six Extraction features 18 operators that can be leveled up to 10 max. If you haven’t ever played R6 Siege, you may need to familiarise yourself with each of their unique weapon and ability sets.

You can utilize the XP you gain from each extraction to level up and unlock new and more advanced weaponry, as well as upgrade the perks and skills of your operators. So don’t forget to keep an eye on your loadout page for new improvements to unlock; they’re quite useful.

Right Operator Choice Matters

Operator choice and the mission type are very important. This may directly affect the mission status and also make it difficult to complete the mission which could have been done easily with the right choice of operator.

So before starting the mission do some research and choose the right kind of operator for the job to get it done easily.

How to level up gain XP fast in Rainbow Six Extraction

Healing Operators

In R6 Extraction, if you take a hammering and make a narrow escape, the operator you were employing may be classed as Injured and placed on a cooldown while they recover. You won’t be able to utilize them for the next few missions, therefore you’ll have to go on missions with another operator.

So you can now heal these injured operators so they can be used to earn more XP.

Some more key factors for level up

These factors also affect how fast you can level up:

Killing Monsters

In games like this, XP is proportionate to the number of foes killed and the number of difficult bosses defeated. These levels will rise as you progress further in the game. Next, remember to hunt down as many foes as possible in order to gain more XP and unlock new goodies that will aid you in the game’s later stages.

Difficulty Level

You get more XP as the level becomes tougher. As a result, you can determine the level’s difficulty in this game. As a result, completing the quest in the toughest setting will award you more XP.

If you’ve advanced your operator to a high level, remember that increased difficulty is desired. This way, you’ll be able to endure greater difficulty levels and earn more XP, which will aid in the operators’ development.

More Points

So, if we break down kills, the more kills you have, the more XP you gain. Similarly, tactics include strafing weak locations, using explosives, stealth kills, chain reaction kills, and other similar techniques.

In this case, dying and battling is not the best option because you can earn more XP by hiding and saving your health while finishing the assignment stealthily.

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