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Top 7 Best Debloater Tools for Windows 10 & 11 (2022)

Today, as much as we love using Windows operating system, we must not deny that this is the most bloated desktop operating system. See any other Linux distro or Mac OS, although they might have bloatware, they are minimal and aren’t as intimidating as the bloatware on Windows.

Bloatware, are the unnecessary applications you get along with your operating system, and these days almost every PC manufacturer is bloating up their laptops/desktops. This is a very bad practice. Bloatware not only takes up storage on your disk but also slows down your PC considerably. Also, most of these Bloatware applications are set to start up at the boot itself, which is unacceptable. What makes it worse is bloatware is more on budget offerings, such an irony, isn’t it?

If you can do one thing to avoid bloat is to rid of it at the beginning itself, meaning once you get a new PC, immediately make a clean install of the operating system, especially with the laptops. But if you haven’t done this then and now at a stage where you can’t make a clean install, don’t worry, we’ve got some pretty sick bloatware removal tools for you. Follow this article to make your PC smooth like butter!



Bloatbox is an open-source free bloat removal tool for Windows 10 & 11. Bloatbox is developed by an individual known as Belim. This was actually an add-on to one of his own applications called Privatezilla. Later he published it as a standalone application.

Bloatbox can be used to remove Onedrive, remove specific pre-installed apps, can unpin start menu tiles, can also disable windows defender, although it is highly recommended not to do so by the developer, it can also block windows telemetry. Phew! isn’t this one hell of a tool to have on your PC?!

You can download the application from its official GitHub repository. Here’s the direct link You can also check out more of Belim’s work here,

Windows 10 Debloater:


Windows 10 Debloater is another open-source free tool you can get rid of bloatware on your PC. Yes, are full-on with open-source software! You might not be aware of Windows Powershell, it’s the Window’s own terminal. Powershell is a powerful tool. You can run certain commands to change the way your operating system works, but it can be difficult for an everyday user. And that’s where scripts come in, scripts are multiple command lines compiled together to work as one. One such script is Windows 10 Debloater.

Windows 10 debloater can remove pre-installed unnecessary applications, can block certain telemetry features, and can also block Cortona. You can download and install Windows 10 debloater from its official GitHub repository, here’s the direct link The process of using this tool is a bit tricky and long, so I’ll leave it to you. You can just follow the detailed step-by-step guide written by the developer on their GitHub page itself.

The PC Decrapifier:

PC decrapifier

Such an interesting name isn’t it? The PC Decrapifier is a free tool that removes programs, and unnecessary startup items that usually slow down your PC. PC decrapifier gives recommendations on what to remove and what not to. It provides an easy step-by-step guide to help you make your PC better. Unlike other tools, this tool only lists out possible bloatware and deletes only selected programs, making the user the one who’s got control of things. You can learn more about it here Although this application has been discontinued officially as of now. You can still get the older versions of it available to download from third-party sources, but it’s at your own risk.

AVG TuneUp:

avg tuneup

AVG Tuneup is a premium PC optimization tool. This means, unlike the other tools we’ve mentioned so far, you will have to subscribe to the service before using it. But we recommend using the 7-day free trial it offers, it requires no credit card. This tool will not only remove bloatware but can also clean up the Windows registry, clean junk files like installers, old backups, old windows updates, etc, and makes free storage available for the user. More importantly, it can also update the rest of the applications on your behalf, isn’t that sweet? You can learn more about AVG TuneUp here



Ccleaner, I’m sure you’ve heard about this before, it’s the most popular PC cleaner tool out there. It offers both free and paid versions. It also has a free trial version of the paid version, which is what we recommend you get. It has a lot of tricks up its sleeves, it offers a PC file shredder, and it removes your online activity traces from time to time. It can also empty your recycle bin automatically. CCleaner removes temporary files that take up huge chunks of data on its own making more storage free for the user. CCleaner can also automatically detects drivers and update them automatically, it also can recover lost files as it comes bundled with Recuva. CCleaner will only make your computer better while making things easier for you, it’s just like having a personal assistant inside your PC. You can learn more about CCleaner here

Tron Script:

Tron Script 2

Tron Script is an open-source program that is written to remove unwanted programs, add-ons, registry entries, browser extensions, etc from your PC. It is known for being one of the best virus removal tools out there. You can get the latest version of the Tron script from their official GitHub, we’ll save you some time, here’s the link

Once you are done downloading, run the script, the rest will be taken care of by Tron. Tron will not only eliminate malware but also removes all kinds of bloatware from your Windows PC, trust me Windows comes with a lot of bloatware. Doing this makes your PC smoother and better. It makes your PC Lightweight. If you want to know more about the Tron Script, then please feel free to check out my colleague’s article on it, here’s the link

Revo Uninstaller:


Revo Uninstaller is yet another PC bloat removal tool. It allows users to remove Windows apps, remove browser extensions that are no longer needed, and makes advanced scans for remnant files. You can also select multiple applications to uninstall at once, pretty handy and saves time. Revo Uninstaller comes in two different versions as well, paid and free. Although you can get a free trial of the paid version for 30 days, without a credit card, very generous of them. You can learn more about the same here


Well well well, may the bloat begone at last. These are the 7 best bloat removal tools available as of today. Ranging from FOSS, free open-source software to paid premium tools, we’ve mentioned it all. You can use any of the above-mentioned tools to get rid of bloat that has been accumulated on your Windows machine lately.

If you have any other issues regarding any other game, PC software related, or any issues at all, please feel free to let us know via our Facebook or Twitter pages. If you have any other feedback, you also reach us at the above-mentioned platforms. We would love to interact with our readers!

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