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If you are looking for a completely fresh battle royale game with a completely different take on the current gaming sphere, then Babble Royale might be the perfect game for you. The title was released a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been so fun to play.

Babble Royale is a multiplayer competitive game with unique gameplay elements. The game is created by “Everybody House Games.” The game is perfect for all age groups as the game revolves around scrabbles and words learning.

Babble Royale Challenges you to use your brain in a competitive manner. The game is a cross between scrabble and battle royale, which is a freshly new take on the battle royale genre that has never been done before by any other game development company.

Many wordsmiths around the globe are joining in to try out the game, I was one of the people who hoped to test the game, and I am in love with how much the game pushes your mind to the next level. I am kind of curious about how competitive the ranked mode of Babble royale is going to be when word masters from all over the world will hop in.

The game is currently in the Early Access stage, So we will post a detailed review of the pros and cons of the game and if it’s worth your time?

“Skilled or Be Killed,” – Futuregaming.io

As I said earlier, babble royale has a completely different take on the battle royale genre. It’s basically a cross between scrabble and battle royale, which makes it highly competitive and relaxing at the same time. If you are familiar with scrabble, you can easily learn the game’s mechanics, but here is the difficult part.

babble royale review

You are thrown from the sky like every other battle royale game. As soon as you land on the grid, you have to start making and assembling words. You will see a tray of letters at the bottom of your screen that undeviatingly fills over time. You have to use those words and whatever is already on the table to make a word before someone else does the same.

The game also introduces a special perk called power-ups scattered across the board that can help you increase your score. So this was the basic part of the game. You might be thinking, “When will the part skilled or be killed comes in?” Your whole character in the game is represented by the last word you created, and if someone else relates their word to yours, you are dead. So you have to connect first and get them out of the game, which is not as easy as it sounds.

Since it’s a BR, it has a zone system that shrinks over time, pushing all players together, making the game extremely difficult and competitive. You need to be the last one standing out of 16 strangers in the game.


Unlike any other free to play, the developers need payment to keep the game alive, which is not bad. In my opinion, many other AAA gaming companies do the same job. You can get custom hats and other customizable skins that you can use in the game. This way, you can help the developers to make the game perfect.

Keeping Things Fresh

babble royale scrabble plus battle royale

Babble Royale Shows how well you can make a better game out of an existent genre. The developers have tried to achieve a new take on BR by combing it with scrabble, making the game highly competitive. I have played the game for more than 30 hours, and it still feels fresh and doesn’t feel repetitive at all, which is the whole point of a video game.

The game is currently in Early Access and will be out of it as soon as the devs finish their base game development. The devs might add new game modes inside the base game, which will make it more entertaining, as we can already see on their steam page.

Should I Invest my time in Babble Royale?

We believe that the game has the potential to take on many AAA titles that are repetitive and not fun to play anymore. Babble Royale can gain a lot of attraction from casual and competitive players who like to enjoy scrabble with random people around the world.

Investing your time in Babble Royale can help you improve your vocabulary and help you keep your mind sharp at the same time. The game is completely free and doesn’t ask for a single penny. If you don’t like spending money on video games, this might be the game for you.

The verdict

Babble Royale has become my go-to game when I want something fun and competitive. Being able to play scrabble with a unique twist of Battle Royale is so much satisfying. The consistent updates from the developers have made me realize that you don’t need a high-end budget like a AAA Industry to make a successful game like Babble Royale. The game never feels repetitive and boring; instead, it feels fresh and helps me keep my mind sharp. The combination of BR and Scrabble is the best thing that words master might be looking for. The game is absolutely free, which is really awesome.”

Written by
Owen Singh

Owen Singh is a Tech, esports writer for Future Gaming that specializes in CSGO, Warzone, Apex, and Many other FPS Games esports scenes. He is also specialised in MMORPG and other similar genres.

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  • I agree the game is one of the best brs i have played in long time.

    I hope the devs update the game with new features.

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