Is it Worth Buying Battlefield 2042 in August 2022?

It has been approximately 8 months since Battlefield 2042 has been released. Not only has its price dropped, but a significant discount is also present in it right now due to the different summer sales. But is it worth the money?

Well, that is the purpose of this article to be written and by the end, it should be clear to you whether you should buy it or save the money for a better purchase.

Many players saw what happened when Battlefield 2042 was released. It’s not good and we won’t consider that here. But now they’ve had time to update the game and fix the worst bugs. And a lot of people are wondering: is Battlefield 2042 worth it now? This question will receive its definite conclusion by the end of this article. We’ll see what it costs now, what content you get for your money, and what the future holds.

What is the current pricing of Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 is starting to get a hefty discount from third-party sellers, but it’s still at RRP on Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store. The different versions will cost the same in these stores:

  • Standard Edition: $69.99 on console / $59.99 on PC ($18.99 on current sale).
  • Gold Edition (includes Year 1 Card): $89.99 on Console / $79.99 on PC ($42.99 at current price).
  • Ultimate Edition (includes Year 1 Card, Digital Art Book, and Digital Soundtrack): $119.99 on console / $109.99 on PC ($55.99 on sale now).

It’s expensive, but that’s the price we’ll have to accept for current triple-A games, and as we mentioned, you can find third-party seller versions for as little as half.

Different types of In-game content

Sadly there is no campaign in Bf 2042(the main point of backlash for gaming enthusiasts). Instead, there are 3 different multiplayer modes:-

  • ALL out Warfare: All-Out-Warfare is the main multiplayer mode, which includes Conquest and Breakthrough game modes, and seven different maps. You have 10 experts and 22 weapons to choose from when playing this mode. Each expert has their own abilities, but you’ll only really see players 3 or 4 of the popular ones. Weapons are plentiful, but not on par with Modern Warfare 2019, but there’s enough to keep you going and find something you like. All-Out-Warfare’s seven maps aren’t… great. It all feels rather empty and lacking in transformation. But we also get old classic maps through the Portal, all very well, more to come. Their core multiplayer gameplay is a bit outdated and will feel slow and messy if you come from other modern shooters, but it’s not too bad. The main complaint you’ll hear is that All-Out-Warfare doesn’t look like a battlefield; there is very little strategy or team play. So if you’re buying the game to play All-Out-Warfare in its current state, we don’t think Battlefield 2042 is worth it. But other modes are more promising. And that’s it, All-Out-Warfare doesn’t add any extra content other than weekly challenges.
  • Portal: Portal is the highlight of battlefield 2042; it is a good way to know your longing for the franchise, and it is the sole model that truly seems like a battlefield game. Portal could be a mixture of older maps and weapons from the franchise, all mixed in. In short, imagine a BF2: bad Company soldier employing a WWII weapon from battlefield 2042, and running around a battlefield on three maps. that is Portal. however, the extremely exciting half is that every one of those assets and maps is entirely at the disposal of the community. Players have nearly unlimited management over what they will add and alter once creating a Portal game, and so they share it with others. thus its obscurity is close to as limiting on the opposite modes, and it ought to convert the hearts of inheritance fans. If you are a semipermanent battlefield fan, otherwise you like community-created experiences in your games, then Portal may create battlefield 2042 worthwhile for you. Besides community, creations, they additionally update the Portal playlists weekly with official Portal creations.
  • Hazard Zone: Hazard Zone in simple terms can be referred to as battlefield 2042’s answer to Battle Royale. Except it is not one, and it’s missing the drama and tension that create BRs well-liked. In Hazard Zone, you play against eight different groups of four on the traditional All-Out-Warfare maps. Then you go around and collect knowledge Drives. These provide you with currency to pay on bonuses before your next Hazard Zone match. you’ll be able to leave the map at the midway purpose once an extraction vehicle comes, otherwise, you will keep and fight it out sort of a classic BR for the ultimate extraction at the tip, and just one team will take that final extraction, so “winning the game”.The problem is that respawning is straightforward. There are so many too few groups, and also the assortment of missions you are sent on is repetitive and boring. there is not a drop of that heart-bounding, blood-racing atmosphere that individuals play BRs for. And if you could not tell by currently, we hate it. As do most commentators online.

How much in-game improvement can be expected as of now?

They have been frequently upgrading and providing bug fixes to the game since launch, and they appear to be committed to making the game better. Let’s not forget that DICE did an excellent job of bit by bit perfecting Star Wars battlefront 2 when an abysmal launch caused a lot of discontent so that they have a decent memoir.
But do not get your hopes up early on, we’re still entirely within the dark about a few Season one unleash dates, and everyone we actually understand future content is that older field game they require to introduce into Portal next.

Final Opinion

In my opinion on June 30, 2022, I think it still is a NO.

No, you shouldn’t buy battlefield 2042 right now for you even if the price has been diminished significantly. (YET)

Battlefield 2042 looks like a rush and somewhat empty game at the instant. There are not several modes and also the maps are poor. Now, the community may create some nice stuff in Portal, however, nothing really fantastic has up to the surface nevertheless. a lot of significantly, the field is seemingly attending to get a Battle Royale, once the poor reception of Hazard Zone. this may be free-to-play and then you’ll be able to expertise battlefield 2042 for yourself while not paying. If you actually do love it, invest within the full game.

I hope that this article helped you, and I’m sorry concerning the grim news if you are a semipermanent fan WHO was saving up to shop for it. But hey, there are heaps of nice games taking off this year, thus perhaps one in all these can live up to the hype? And maybe they can be worth the money you saved up for this game ??

Written by
Ratul Bhattacharya

Hello, I am a highschooler student currently mastering video editing and content creation through YouTube and future gaming. Games have always been my keenest point of interest due to which I love my work.


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