Century: Age of Ashes (Dragon Battle) | Everything you need to know

century age of ashes gameplay

Century Age of Ashes is a new Dragon battle game that allows players to battle each other on dragons. This game is a free-to-play online multiplayer game (team-based). People really love the game as this is a brand new concept in the gaming market.

Everyone is excited about the game’s official release, More than 250K users registered for the closed beta. The feedback from the players on this game is absolutely marvelous.

The developers have addressed adding new game modes, features, and fixes that the community has suggested. This suggests that developers are really serious about this game and work hard to better the free-to-play experience.

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Following features updates for Century game

As the game development goes along with the game’s closed beta, the developers have been adding new features to the century age of ashes. Some of them are given below.

How to download and play Century: Age of Ashes game?

To play the game, you need to wait for the next beta. If you want to register in, then follow the steps given below.

You will get notified instantly when the game arrives or launches and a new closed beta for everyone to play by doing all the steps above.

Release date of Century: Age of Ashes?

There is no official release date given yet by the development team. But they have said that the game will release in 2021, So that’s something, we don’t have to wait for 2022 to play this beautiful game.

Century: Age of Ashes Review

The game is still in the early access stage, but everything is so balanced with all the features of cosmetics, weapons, matchmaking. The creators of the game are working hard to develop the game to release it in 2021.

The matchmaking in the game is so fair that it will only match you with similar rank players.

Game modes in Century

Characters, Classes

We have 3 characters in-game that can ride the dragon. More classes will be added in the future.

Our Rating for Century: Age of Ashes

We like to give the game an overall score of 9/10 as the game is so amazing, fun, and free to play. I hope the matchmaking stays balanced in the game.

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