Does Fortnite Free Skins and V Bucks Generator Actually work? 2021

Fortnite Free Skins Generator Season 8? If you are one of the people who are searching for terms like this on the internet. Then my friend you are in trouble, Let me explain to you with detailed analysis why is this fake and how you can protect your account and stay away.

Fortnite is a free-to-play multiplayer game developed by Epic Games, this game is one of the most popular battle royales of all time. As soon as the pubg steam hit the market this game was released. Many gamers especially under the age of 18 were interested in the game.

If you are here looking for a free Fortnite skin generator 2021 or Fortnite V bucks generator for free, then I have a good topic prepared for you to understand, So people will stop getting scammed.

What is Fortnite Free Skins Generator 2021?

fortnite skins generator
Skins Generator Fortnite

Fortnite Free Skins Generator is a free-to-use tool on the internet, that many people are posting on internet, What this tool does is it will help you get free skins in Fortnite on your main account.

There are like 1000s of Free skin generators for Fortnite on the internet. Many people on the internet use these tools and get scammed.

All of the descriptions that you have read above are the short summary of what a free skins generator does, But here is a catch, it’s all fake. People on the internet make these tools in order to hack your Fortnite account and sell it online for their personal gain.

How does this Fortnite Free Skins Generator Works?

There is a very simple explanation of how this Fortnite skin generator scam works. I will try to elaborate on this as easy as possible.

The Hacker: Creates a website so-called “air quotes” Fortnite Free Skins Generator and hosts it on the internet.

Then the Hacker ranks his website in order to get on google page 1 or 2 so that he can easily lure victims into his trap.

After the Site is fully set up and lives on the internet the hacker of Fortnite accounts wait for the user to log in their credentials on the website in order to hack them.

The actual working of the fortnite free skins generator 2021 website

The Hacker creates a webpage using HTML, CSS, and JS that looks like it’s genuine and really provides you free skins, they also have a fake video embedded in their website to make users believe that they are legit.

This technique is generally known as smart phishing.

What is smart phishing?

smart phishing
Smart Phishing

Smart phishing is when a user creates an identical webpage to some website or makes a webpage that makes you believe it’s legit in order to gain your credentials. That is called smart phishing, We all know that surfing the internet is not safe without a VPN or knowledge on how the internet works, What is safe and what is not.

Many gamers mostly below 18 years get scammed by these because they are new to computers and the internet. But they learn over time by making mistakes on the internet.

Now let’s get back to how the site works, After the hacker creates a free Fortnite skins changer page, it will ask you to enter your epic games credentials in order to get skins on that account.

The victim blindly trusting the website enters his personal information for v bucks and free skins and gets hacked. His email and password are sent to the hacker’s database that you entered and if you don’t have something called 2FA enabled on your website then you are in trouble of losing your account permanently.

If these sites are unethical then why does google promote them on the first page?

The reason behind this is these people create a domain with a specific niche keyword for eg: they buy a domain named “fortniteskinsgenerator” and when someone searches the term on Google, Google displays the first result found on the internet. Hackers use wrong practices such as Blackhat SEO in order to achieve this.

Fortnite V Bucks Generator 2021?

fortnite v bucks generator
Fortnite V bucks Generator

V bucks generator is a tool that will help you get free v bucks in Fortnite. But what’s the catch? Why someone will give you free V bucks? Actually this a scheme or hack created by people who are desperate to hack into your Fortnite accounts so that they can sell them further to earn money.

How does Fortnite V Bucks Generator Works?

The working of Fortnite free v bucks generator is very similar to skin generator they ask you to enter your credentials in order to get v bucks.

How to protect your Fortnite account from getting hacked?

Image credits: Google

If you are a Fortnite player or any other game player, It is really daunting when you lose your account to some hacker and you don’t even know how they got your account and how to get it back.

Don’t worry I will tell you how to protect your Fortnite accounts or any other video games account safe and secure so no one can get into it.

Steps to be secure

  1. Use a VPN, Even if it’s free it’s good. Using VPN to hide your traces on websites that you don’t know can log your IP is very dangerous.
  2. Download a free antivirus like Malwarebytes to protect your PC.
  3. Stop visiting sketchy websites.
  4. Stop Downloading sketchy things on the internet like Fortnite hacks, exe, or DLL files.
  5. Add Twi Factor Authorization to all of your online accounts.

How to get back / recover your hacked Fortnite account?

It is very easy to recover your Fortnite account, You just need to contact the customer support of EPIC Games in order to recover your account and prove that it was your account from the beginning, and it’s very easy to get back.

Just visit the link and click contact us and talk to the customer support team and get your account back.

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