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Project M – All Characters Overview (Valorant Mobile Clone) 2021

Project M – A Valorant Clone, developed by Netease, is one of the biggest Chinese video game companies. Netease has developed Project M, the same copy of Valorant, and is available only for Mobile devices.

If you love valorant and are a huge fan of it, you might find this game very basic, as the graphics, as well as the gameplay, is not up to the mark. For mobile devices, it is a great game for those who have not played valorant before.

Project M is a Netease releasing game, which is basically a mobile game that comes with 8×8 players as an FPS (First Person Shooter) game, same tactics as valorant as the defender team has to defend the spike, and the Attackers need to plant the spike.

Project M Trailer –

As you can see through the revealing trailer, the gameplay, tactics, sounds, everything looks the same, which is not good for the company’s reputation as the RIOT games had already announced about Valorant Mobile in July 2021. Besides that, many players joined the beta and are waiting for the official release.

Project M All Characters Overview

Same as the Valorant, Project M has some cool amazing characters who are not different than the normal agents in valorant. In this game, we will have agents like – Sentinels, Initiators, Controllers, and Duelists.

  • Sentinels – Sentinels are the Agents who can play backside as a defense, they do not need to push the site and they can play re-take after the plant.
  • Initiators – These category agents are the ones who always make a way to go inside the site or checking the defenders who are camping inside the site.
  • Controllers – Controllers help all agents on the team by controlling their abilities in the form of – smokes, covers, stuns as well as flashes.
  • Duelists – Duelists are the most called and selective category which are called fraggers, they mostly play aggressive and clear the site. They can throw bombs, knives and fly around the defences.

All Agents in Project M –

There are currently 8 Characters in this game, which are the copy of valorant characters which are

1. Elixir

Heal – The first agent here we have is Elixir which is the copy of Sage of valorant. Elixir is a Sentinel of this game which is useful for its healing capability. It can heal other agents in the team.

Slowing Vortex – The Second Ability of Elixir works by slowing down the enemies. It can slow down the enemies with its Cloak, which looks like the cypher cage and will block the vision.

Resurrect – The third ability is the Resurrect, and it can be useful for reviving the teammates when they are dead and will give life again with Full HP.

2. BloodRaider

The second agent we have is BloodRaider, which Is a copy of Reynain valorant. As a duelist, it will always clear the site and can use flashes, and is aggressive.

Black Hole – The First Skill of this agent is Blind. It can throw blinds. It clears the site and will blind those who are insight.

Hardened Shell – Second skill of Bloodraider is used to dismiss, which instantly consumes the enemy soul orb and becomes invincible for few seconds.

Rampage – The last ability of Bloodraider is his Ultimate ability as Reyna, which strengthens heal. During this Ability, it will improve the Reload speed, the Weapon switch speed, the Weapon fire rate, and by killing the enemies, the health is recovered.

3. Nemesis

The Third Agent here we have is Nemesis, a copy of the Phoenix in Valorant, which has the abilities of both Phoenix. It again comes under the duelist category and is very useful in combat. It has abilities like – Flash, healing, and Ultimate.

Flashbang -First ability is flashbang, which is used to flash the enemies. It comes as an energy ball thrown at the wall, which blinds the enemy after touching it. Same as the Yoru’s Blind in Valorant.

Shadow Corrosion – The second ability is again similar to the Phoenix fireball, which is purple in color and thrown on the ground that provides damage to that entire area but provides healing to itself.

Reincarnation – The third and Ultimate Ability of Nemesis marks the current position and enters a countdown. And during the countdown, you will get a second life with Full HP until the timer ends. Same as the Phoenix Ultimate.

4. Blink

The fourth agent we have here is Blink, which is similar to the abilities of Omen from valorant, except the flash.

Dimensional Flag – The name for this ability looks complicated. Still, basically, it is the smoke ability, same as the omen, which gives the agent power to smoke anywhere on the map around the marked location.

Apparition – This ability is the teleport ability but within a range. The agent can teleport to the marked location, which is in the range.

Teleport – The Ultimate Ability of the Blink works the same as omen Ultimate. The agent has to select the location on the mini-map, and pressing fire will activate the Teleport, and the agent will appear at that location.

5. Faith Arrow

The Fifth agent in the list is Faith Arrow, similar to the abilities of Sova in Valorant except for the Drone. The agent is an anime girl holding an arrow is there.

Recon Arrow – The Agent fires a recon arrow at some distance with bounces or no bounce, used to reveal the enemy’s location nearby, separated by the walls.

Explosive Arrow – Next Ability of the Faith Arrow is the shock dart of sova. The agent equips the bow with a shock bolt. And fires an explosive bow, which explodes when detonated.

Flaming Arrow – The Ultimate ability is the flaming arrow that fires off a penetrating flame arrow that damages the enemies who come into it and reveals their location.

6. Storm

The sixth character in Project M is the Storm, the Brimstone of Valorant, which has the major ability of smoking in the game.

Storm – The first ability of this agent is a little bit different from Brimstone’s molly. Use this ability to throw molly’s to the enemies by opening mini-map and fire. Storms land like brimstone smokes from the cloud, and gives damage.

Cloud – The Second ability of this agent is basically smoking. The agent can open a mini-map, and by selecting locations on that map, he can easily create smokes around there.

The Ultimate’s third and last ability creates a tornado by choosing a location on the mini-map. The cyclone gives high damage to that selected area which has the highest damage among all.

7. Coldcast

The Coldcast is the seventh agent in the list and basically has the abilities of both Sage and Killjoy in the valorant. The character is a girl who is holding ice crystals and looks similar to the sage.

Ice Core Trap – This ability is the Killjoy’s alarm bot in valorant. Pressing fire allows the agent to throw an ice trap around, and it shows down the enemy and turning speed when someone passes through.

Glacial Barrier – This ability comes from the sage, which creates a barrier or ice wall that blocks the enemies from passing, which looks like a real ice wall.

Blizzard – Blizzard is the Ultimate ability of the Killjoy, which is used to create frost everywhere in a certain radius by choosing the location. The Enemies covered with the frost will be slowed down and will be frozen later.

8. Sentinel

The Eighth and last agent in Project M is Sentinel. This agent is unique and a combination of the agents. Sentinel has the abilities of agents – Sova, KAYO, and Skye. This agent works very differently than the other agents.

Recon Drone – The recon drone is similar to the Sova’s drone, which marks the enemy and highlights them by fire button, which has the distance limit for the drone.

Stun Grenade – This stun grenade comes from the KAYO’s stun grenade, which the agent throws on the floor but is slightly different. The grenade sticks to the floor, which shakes the enemies’ screen and slows them down.

Seeker Missile – The last ability is the Ultimate ability of the Sentinel, which works the same as Skye’s Ultimate. Pressing fire will send 2 seeker missiles that automatically target the closest enemies and detonates when close to them.

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