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Squad Battle Complete Review With Features And More

Squad Battle is an upcoming multiplayer shooter game developed by Netmarble studios. This is still in the Alpha testing phase, but by the looks of it, Squad Battle looks promising. You can find this game on Steam.

This game is a free-to-play battle royale shooter game with similar mechanics to other games in the genre. Its Steam boasts about the game’s fast-paced action and close-spaced combat. Check out this review to see if this game will be worth purchasing.

Squad Battle Trailer.

Squad Battle

Squad Battle combines character systems and battle royale mechanics to create a new multiplayer shooter experience. The game has several different characters you can choose from. Gideon, June, Walter, Aida, Renee, and Kaija are unique characters. These “heroes” have different storylines and flair to them.

Weapons in Squad Battle

According to Netmarble studios, a player will have access to two primary weapons: a ranged weapon and a melee weapon. Every gun in Squad Battle has its own advantages and disadvantages. The player will be able to experiment with different weapons to pick the two perfect weapons and master their combos.

Squad Battle’s main gameplay is melee combat. The melee combat has combos and offers a variety of weapons to choose from. Unlike most other battle royale games, this one focuses intensively on melee combat.

Squad Battle Multiplayer Action.

Multiplayer Matchmaking Dynamics

Squad Battle has a traditional battle royale game mechanic where a large number of gamers compete against each other to be the last gamer standing. The game has servers that will be able to host 60 players at once in a match. Each squad will comprise three players. In total, there could be 20 squads competing against each other in a full house server.

A map from Squad Battle.

Interactable Environment

Netmarble studios have created multiplayer maps with interactable objects. The maps have objects and items a player can use to their advantage. Ziplines and jumpads are examples of these interactable objects.

This certainly is interesting, but interactable objects have always been a part of battle royale games, and Squad Battle doesn’t add anything completely new to the formula.

Overall this game looks interesting but doesn’t add anything new to the battle royale formula. The graphics are similar to Fortnite and other battle royale games.

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