Windows 11 Leak Game Performance Review, Release 2021 [Download]

Windows is one of the most brilliant and easy-to-use operating systems ever created by Microsoft. Because of Windows Microsoft still one of the biggest leading tech industries. As we all know Windows is the main product of Microsoft that’s why they are mainly trying to give as many security updates as possible.

Windows 10 is the latest version of windows right now and it’s one of the most well-designed and secure OS that can be, Many people will disagree with the fact that windows is not very secure. The main reason is that Windows is being used by 80% of the systems out there.

So, the hackers will obviously make scripts, hacks for windows, But that’s not how we can just easily determine the fate of windows.

Windows 10 Success

Windows 7 was a huge success for Microsoft until it was discontinued because of the Windows 10 Security updates there were no more updates being created for windows 7. Win 7 was discontinued on 14, January 2020 but it still has over 100 million users as of 2021.

Now Lets talk about Windows 10 shall we?

Windows 10 is the most brilliant and most amazing Operating system because of its UI and easy-to-use accessibility. Windows 10 is being used by over 1.5 Billion users all over the world covering 80% of the devices.

Windows 11 Got Leaked, Why and How?

The leak was first announced when Microsoft announced win 10 won’t be supported after 2025. Everyone was shocked and surprised and was kinda curious about the upcoming windows 10x project. After the leak, it is stated as windows 11 currently in dev update.

Windows 11 Preview

Windows 11 preview

Windows 10 is bad for gaming?

Windows 10 is considered bad for gaming by many because of the unnecessary bloatware present in windows 10 that take a lot of RAM, Which in turn costs FPS in video games. If you want to remove bloatware there are many tools on GitHub that will help you remove bloatware in order to improve your in-game FPS.

Windows 11 review

The Windows 11 Code Name Windows 10X is created by Microsoft. This windows got leaked on the internet on many popular forums like 4chan and Reddit.

There is currently no official announcement from Microsoft that they are gonna release Win 11 and there is no ETA on the release date of Windows 11, All we can do is wait and until then you can use the leaked version of Windows 11 if you are into it.


I will not suggest you use Windows 11 Leaked version because it’s a non-official Microsoft Product right now because it got leaked by someone which in turn makes it unsafe to use. If you still want to use it try it on a Virtual Machine with limited permissions and no internet connectivity. I am not responsible for this product or the way you use it.

Windows 11 Blotwares?

There is far less bloatware in windows 11 which in this case gives gamers a huge advantage in the long run. there will be options for the users to install the apps if they want to there will be fewer preinstalled applications in your Win 11.

Windows 11 UI and Design

The Design of Windows 11 seems to be inspired by the MAC Operating system. The look of windows 11 went way too minimal and clean. It has become way more user-friendly for new windows users and people who don’t have much computer knowledge.

Windows 11 Benchmark Performance

Image: Cyberpunk 2077

I was curious to test out the latest windows 10 performance, So I decided to test it out on the worst optimized games ever Cyberpunk 2077 and GTA 4. I tested both of the games on Win 10 and Win 11 as well.

There is not much difference between the FPS in both of the windows.

Windows 10 Performance

GTA 470
Cyberpunk 207784

Windows 11 Performance

GTA 480
Cyberpunk 207790

We can clearly see that there has been a good improvement in the games FPS and Performance in Windows 11.

Bonus Windows 11 Wallpapers Download

Download Official fantastic Wallpapers for Win 11 Right now

Windows 11 release date?

Microsoft is likely to announce the “Windows 11” on June 24. There will be a live event that will be held online at 11 am ET. The event will be most likely to be attended by Satya Nadella and Panos Panay.

Tom Warren has shown us the awesome Windows 11 Look UI on January 15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Windows 11 Leak real?

Yes, It is indeed the Microsoft Windows 11 has been leaked and the leak is real because we have already seen the screenshots of Windows 11 before the leak also it is confirmed by Microsoft.

Will Windows 11 be a free upgrade?

Probably Yes, because many websites have predicted it to be free and its only valid that they should provide updates for Windows 11 for free only to Windows 10 Users.

How can I download Windows 11 for free?

You can visit many websites that are providing free Windows 11 Leak link. You can directly do it with one google search or but I will suggest you to wait for Windows 11 Official release.

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