Riders Republic: What is Zen Mode? All About Offline Mode

The Riders Republic has been released and goes live on 28 October 2021, the Open World Sports video game which comes with extreme sports action gameplay is now available on almost all platforms including windows.

The Itself is amazing and made to free roam, skiing, snowboarding, biking and many more cool things that you can do.

There are many things, that need to be covered for this newly released game, Here we are going to explain the Zen Game Mode in Riders Republic, what you can do, and can’t.

Riders Republic is Online Only?

Many of you have heard about the game when released, from official pages, it says the game is entirely online-based, and cannot be played offline.

But this is not entirely true. Technically the game supports Offline Mode which is called Zen Mode, You can just into the offline mode in the free roam, and start playing offline.

What is Zen Mode in Riders Replublic?

riders republic free roam

As the Game is not only Online to play, you can still play offline mode with the help of this Zen Mode, which comes within the game menu itself.

Zen Mode is the offline Game Mode in Riders Republic, you can just Enter Zen Mode, It will locate you to a random location on the map, which is actually free to roam around anywhere.

So, Zen Mode is actually helpful here, if you are new or just want to relax while not doing the missions, you can definitely try this mode.

Features of Zen Mode

In Zen Mode, there are many good things also some bad, you can just free-roam anywhere on the map where ever you want. There will be no Events and Progressions so you cannot do that.

Also, Unlike Campaign mode there will be all skins unlocked in this mode, that you can definitely try.

  • Free to Roam
  • No Events & Progression
  • No Objectives
  • All Skins Unlocked

How to Access Zen Mode in the Game

To start Zen Mode in Riders Republic, you just can’t simply switch from Campaign mode to offline mode. You need to start it from the main menu only.

To Start Zen Mode –

  1. Open Riders Republic
  2. Go to Main Menu
  3. Select Zen Mode there
  4. Start the game

Also, you can leave the Zen Mode anytime you want, and start the Campaign mode by going to the main menu again, by Quit Session and then Yes to confirm.

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