All Egg Locations in Roblox Youtube Life

Roblox is one of those games that just doesn’t seem to slow down and still remains one of the most popular community-based games even in 2022. Roblox is an online virtual playground and workshop, where players are able to interact, create and play content created by other players.

Roblox has numerous fun games for players to experience and players can sink hundreds of hours exploring different things. But one of the most standout games has to be Youtuber Life.

In this game, you are able to create your own Youtube empire and can even play as your favorite Youtubers. Today we will show you the location of all the 15 easter eggs found in this mode.

Why Should You Collect The Eggs?

In Youtuber Life, you need a lot of resources for upgrades and buying items, getting these resources could be very time-consuming and a little annoying. But in this easter event, you can get free easter chests containing many useful rewards that you don’t want to miss out on.

To claim these easter chests you need to find the 15 eggs and talk to the Easter Bunny, it is important that you collect all 15 eggs as you won’t be able to open the chest even if a single egg is missing.

All 15 Eggs Locations

  1. Just near the Easter Bunny, you would notice a crosswalk and a street light. Just behind the street light, there will be a tree on the corner where you will find the first easter egg.
  2. The second egg is located right adjacent to the first one near the tree.
  3. Take the left turn from the tree, you will notice a small bush attached to the wall where you will find the easter egg.
  4. Near the construction site area go towards the back corner and the egg would be tucked in the corner on a muddy patch.
  5. Follow the road near the last egg to the very end and you will find a wooden log and some yellow barricades, just beside the log, you will find the fifth egg.
  6. The sixth egg is located next to the last egg and you won’t miss it.
  7. Jump over the yellow barricades and move slightly towards the left near the small hill to find the next egg.
  8. On top of the small hill would be another egg beside a big wooden log.
  9. Go back to the Easter Bunny and take the road on the right, after walking for some time you will notice another wooden log behind which is the next easter egg.
  10. Take a 180-degree turn from the last egg and you will see the orange upgrade shop the egg would be located adjacent to one of its walls.
  11. Go to the phone shop and you will find the egg next to a wooden log on the right side of the shop.
  12. Go to the beach area and travel all the way to the end to find the egg next to the grey wall.
  13. Near the beach you would notice a small floating island in the water, go on the island and you will find an egg just lying there on the ground.
  14. Another egg is located just behind the rock in front of which the easter bunny is standing.
  15. The last egg is very well hidden, go to the chest shop and jump over the wooden fence to find the final egg.

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