Anime Tappers Codes – Pets, Coins, and Taps (May 2022)

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Roblox is a platform where you can find any game from simulators to Easter Egg hunting. Among other things, anime-related games have been at their peak on the platform. There is an insane amount of variety to choose from. One of these games is the Roblox Anime Tappers.

Anime Tappers allows you to get taps to gain rebirths, pets, and a lot more. You can evolve your pet and fight various different bosses. There is a huge World for you to explore. The game has recently added 6 new pets and is having a 3x luck boost so it’s the perfect time to start playing if you don’t already.

And who wouldn’t like some freebies while playing any game? Games on Roblox are known for providing different codes for different milestones/celebrations. Anime Tappers is no different. This article will help you in finding all the active Anime Tappers Codes out there, and believe us when we say that there are a lot, to get different free stuff in the game.

How to redeem Anime Tappers Codes

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Roblox Anime Tappers Codes Redeem

Before we get into the codes, here is the simple process to redeem them:

  • Fire up Roblox and launch Anime Tappers. Once you’re loaded in the game, press the Twitter icon on the left-hand side of your screen.
  • Loading into the game can take a while because this game loads a ton of images before letting you in but you can skip this step after a few seconds and play on low settings to redeem this code.
  • Once the window opens, just type in one of the Anime Tappers Codes provided below and click on Claim. You will get the gift that is connected to the code.

Anime Tappers Working Codes Today

Here are the current active Anime Tappers Codes:

  • ULTRADUCKY – Ultra duck luck for 5 minutes
  • AOGIRITREE – Get 45 Yen and 200 coins
  • DUNGEONS – Gives 500 taps and 60 Yen
  • LUCKYDUCKY – Gives Normal boost
  • YEN – Get 15 Yen
  • UPDATE – 3x Yen for 10 minutes
  • GHOST – A brand new Ghost cursor
  • LUCK – Super luck for 10 minutes
  • SAO – Gives 15 Yen and 580 taps
  • X3TAPANESE – Provides 3x taps for 10 minutes
  • RAGE – Get a brand new purps pet
  • JUZO – A brand new spooky Juzo pet
  • NOFEAR – A brand new Adult Gon pet
  • RUSSO – A brand new Russo pet
  • PUMPKIN – A new pumpkin cursor
  • WITCH – Cursor that looks like a witch’s hat
  • RELEASE – Get 1000 taps
  • SAIYAN – Get 250 Yen
  • POWER UP – Free 900 taps
  • SLEEPY – A brand new Zenitu Sleeping pet
  • FEAR – A brand new gone Freecs pet
  • HALLOWEEN – Get 25 Yen and 250 coins
  • TITAN – Get 25 Yen and 500 taps
  • ONEPIECE – Get 15 Yen and 350 coins
  • BRAWL – A brand new Rock Lee pet
  • BROOM – A new Broom cursor
  • TOADBOI – A brand new Toadboi pet

That is all for Anime Tappers Codes, hope this article was helpful!

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