Roblox Robux Script: Players are Using this API Script for Buying Layered Clothes at 1 Robux

Roblox is growing day by day, so the upcoming features in the game. Layered clothing was the most anticipated feature in the Roblox which is now released and ready to use. It was announced back in Roblox Investor Day in February 2021.

Layered Clothing is a new feature by which players can get different clothes types or combinations to customize their character to the very best in terms of look and styles.

Roblox had added many Layered styled clothes in the Avatar shop, which you can buy by using the Robux. Here in this post, we will share with you a unique trick by which you can buy any layered cloth in 1 Robux.

Image Credits @Roblox_RTC

Can you Buy Roblox Layered Clothes in 1 Robux Each?

Here we found a step-by-step guide to using this simple 1 Robux trick, by which you will be able to get any layered clothing easily, but this may be fixed by Roblox very soon, in the next update.

The @Rawbloxnews on Twitter had pretty much explained everything, in simple steps, credit goes to him for finding out.

To get all Layered clothes to buy and add at once, there is a script shared by @AlexOp_ on Twitter where he says to open the Roblox homepage first, then Press F12, selecting console on the top. And Paste the code in the last empty area and hit Enter.

Will you get Ban using this 1 Robux Sale Trick?

This trick is completely free to use and easy, but this is not that safe. For your information let us explain some disadvantages of using this method to get layered clothes. Your account can be at risk for using this, but this is not entirely true.

Some of the Roblox news accounts on Twitter are saying it’s safe to use, while some are saying the opposite to that. We still think it’s just a simple API trick to bypass the buying page to make it think like it’s on the sale.

So, Make sure you use this trick at your own risk or use it on your Alternative account, which is only the safest method now.

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