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Roblox: Critical Legends Best Classes Tier List (2022)

Critical Legends in Roblox are divided into four classes ranked from best to average. These legends help you to achieve the top ranks in the game and are certainly one of the deepest combat-based RPGs.

You will want to know which class of critical legends is worthy enough to use and which are useless. This Critical Legends Best Class Tier List will enlist all the four classes of legends and their variants along with some of the best ones to use from a class. Readout to explore more about the Critical Legends Tier List.

Roblox Critical Legends: Tier List (Best Class)

S Tier Class

The best Critical legends belong to S Tier. Their damage stats are boosted and are generally the fourth form of the base class critical legends.

S Tier Critical Legends:

Star Slayer, Reality Breaker, Void Scythe, Timer Warden, Chaotic Defender, Hands of Hope, Shotgun of Imagination, King Slime, Void King, Luna, Immortal Sword, Book of Wish.

Void Scythe: Also named as the Void Harvester or the Corrupted Reaper. Unlock by using Void Ticket on Scythe class. This legend is indeed the best class critical legend with boosted damage stats. Each Scythe attack heals you for 4.25% of the maximum damage. So even if you are heavily damaged, this can help your character restore HP.

Immortal Sword: Immortal swords can restore your mana pool and they come in use in many cases. It can also drain the health of enemies which depends on how much damage you can impose on the opponent. They are even high chances of getting a high percentage of bonus to all your attacks.

A Tier Class

They rank lower than S Tier legends but are good at combat. You can boost their damage stats by leveling up these legends.

A Tier Critical Legends:

Ocean’s blade, Golden Bow, Scythe, Venom Katana, Heart Shield, Nature’s Staff, Holy Sword, Bandite Guns, Awakened dragon Brawler, Blue Slime, Solar Eclipse Great Sword, Fire and Ice.

Star Slayer: If one has to use just one Critical Legend, then this Star Slayer is the one that players should go for. You can upgrade it by using the Star Fragment on the Ocean’s Blade class. A Star Fragment can be obtained at the Mystical Urn after defeating Challenger Boss. Star slayer is the evolution of the Longsword. Your attacks will spawn special orbs that will eventually boost the damage.

Awakened Dragon Brawler: This is the evolution of Dragon Brawler. It has a powerful combo that can be good enough when performed well. The combo produces an aura that significantly increases the damage and speed levels. The best of any critical legend depends on the preferred combat strategy.

B Tier Class

They are average legends and certainly not good enough.

B Tier Critical Legends:

Longsword, Longbow, Flame Shield, Venom Dagger, Void Katana, Hex Staff, Priest Staff, Dual Guns, Valkyrie Over Heaven, Dragon Brawler, Master Programmer, Apple Tree, Void Tiki, Purple Slime, Solar Great Sword.

Solar Eclipse Great Sword: It produces special orbs that boost your physical damage. Obtaining this class can be a bit hard with a few difficulties involved. The only reason why it ranks low.

Master Programmer: It is designed to rebuff the attacking power of the opponents. It can be unlocked by using passive training codes and attacking enemies with the programmer class.

C Tier Class

They are meager in combat and need leveling up.

C Tier Critical Legends:

Combo Sword, Hunter’s Marksman, Starter Shield, Apprentice Staff, Staff of Healing, Gun, Valkyrie Spear, Boxer, Programmer, Apple Collector, Tiki, Green Slime, Great Sword, Katana.

This was all about the Best Classes Tier List of Roblox Critical Legends. Hope this was informative and helpful. Check out the other Roblox guides to enjoy the real fun of the game!

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