How to defeat Cops in Roblox Jailbreak (Criminal Tips & Tricks)

Are you just beginning to play the Roblox Jailbreak Criminal and wondering how to defeat the cops? Well here are some of the coolest tips and tricks that you can use while playing to have your dominance over the game. 

Learn To Switch The Guns 

This can be the coolest trick to follow in order to kill the cops. Well, many of us would just wait for the reload until then we keep firing. Switching the guns in between firing does actually increases your chances of defeating the cop by giving an ample amount of damage. This also confuses the cop so you are good to use this trick. 

Putting A C4 

Another trick to defeat a cop coming towards you is to put a C4 in the direction the cop would chase you. Then, just wait and blast it so that the cop dies. 

Do Not Wait But Chase 

An obvious trick to defeat the cops is not to hide and play. Drive the car all through the city and keep changing the cars too. Notice any police officers near you and get the right action done. 

Using Vehicles 

As already told you need to keep on moving and chasing inside the game. So the best way for surviving and tricking out the cops is to be in the air which means using the helicopter vehicle. This can be the coolest trick as not a single cop can arrest you while you are up in the air. 

Be Together With Criminals 

It is important to unite and loot together. When you are being united with other criminals, the defense becomes much easier and you could even survive more. Also, keep on communicating with the criminals about your next moves so that you will be in sync. 

Roblox Jailbreak Criminal Chat


This was all about the tips and tricks that you would need to apply in order to win. Buildup these strategies or judge the situation completely to make the game yours. Good luck!

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