Roblox: How to find all 24 Golden Microphones | 24KGoldn Event

Roblox is a very popular game, where, in one game, there are many game modes and maps. Its characters may look like Minecraft and the game also have a very cartoonish look. But don’t fall for the look, the game becomes very interesting where it adds the flavor of multiplayer and many custom maps and game modes.

A new event is now open in Roblox for which you have to collect some items on the map and you get the title or badge of that event. The event’s name is 24kgoldn Venue Scavenger Hunt. In this event, you have to collect the 24 golden Mics in the 24kGoldn Concert Experience Lobby and you will get the badge.

Let’s find the badges (ROBLOX SCAVENGER HUNT)

Many badges you will find in open ground, many in the shops, many may be at heights and some are parkour oriented……. So let’s find them. Do note that, in this blog, we are going to reveal the locations of golden mics which are inside somewhere and not the ones you can find in the open.

  1. In the Jewellery shop, you will find 2 golden mics.
  2. On the left side of Jewellery shop, betwen Jewellery Shop and an Accessory shop, you will find one on the balcony, where you can reach by jumping on the Garbage bins.
  3. 1 mic is in the Accessory shop.
  4. There is one mic in the 24K Gold shop or may by 24K shop, behind the Curtains. May be you miss that because you have to go behind curtains, so take care of it.
  5. One is on the right side of the 24K shop, behind the trees and bushes.
  6. One on the temple, which has very high stairs, just jump on the stairs and reach it.
  7. One on the small Pyramid and 1 mic on the roof of the metro station.
  8. In the metro station, you can find 2 golden mics, just explore it.
  9. One is at the upstairs, behind the small pyramid, you can climb the red ladder at the backside.
  10. Other is also reachable through small Pyramid. You will find a plank to the balcony of adjacent shop, so one mic is on the balcony and one is inside the room on the same floor. One mic is on the ground floor of the building.

And that’s all, these all are a little tricky to find or reach. The remaining ones you can find on your own, we believe in you. Go gamer go, collect the badge and show it to other players and friends.

You can also watch the video given above for a better explaination. We hope you enjoyed the blog. Be a good gamer and keep winning. Have a great day.

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