How to Get Free Robux in Roblox 2022 – 5 Easy Methods

get free robux in roblox

Roblox is one of the most popular games out right now, with players of all age groups hopping on this community-centric game. The game is Free to Play game meaning it is certain to have some in-game purchases, Roblox has an in-game currency called Robux for which the players actually have to pay if they want to use it.

We know no one likes to use their hard-earned money for some in-game purchases, so we decided to make this guide to show you 5 ways you can get some free Robux.

How to Get Free Robux in Roblox 2022 – 5 Methods Without Verification

Roblox Affiliate Program

Roblox has launched an affiliate program where players get Robux for inviting new players to the game. In this program, if a referred player buys anything from the Roblox platform, the person who referred the player will get a 5% of whatever the referred player has bought. This way, the developers get new players to the game and the players are able to get certain rewards, so it is a win-win situation for both.

Develop Games

One of the best ways you can earn Robux for absolutely free is by developing games, however, this is a very time-consuming way and requires a few technical and creative skills in order to be possible.

If your game blows up and catches the attention of many players in the community then you can get a ridiculous amount of Robux for free, however, doing this is not very easy.

If your game does manage to blow up you will be able to make several things premium such as skins, models, etc. and players will have to pay with Robux to get access to them, and you will be able to earn some Robux for yourself.


You can also earn Robux without spending a buck by entering the many giveaways that happen for Roblox very often.

Many YouTubers and content creators have giveaways where you can get some Robux as Robux Cards, which are the gift cards of Roblox. This method is not very consistent and is based only on luck, but it is still worth giving a shot to these giveaways.

Create Art Works

Many games in Roblox allow players to create their own artwork in Roblox. Players can then list their artwork at a certain price, where other players are able to purchase them.

Many players have earned an extraordinary amount of Robux just doing this, and the best part of these games is that you do not need any Robux yourself to start creating and selling artwork, so you can start doing this right now.

Take Donations

A game called Please Donate in Roblox allows players to set up their stand and ask for donations. You can also get your friends to donate to get you started.

You can play this game and might get a lot of Robux from some generous players but this method is by far the most frustrating and unreliable. But since there aren’t many other legit ways to earn Robux for free so it is worth trying at least.

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