Roblox All Promo Codes Working & Updated (April 2022)

roblox promo codes 2022

Looking for some Working Roblox Promo Codes which are updated recently and working, you are at the right place, here in this post we will share with you guys some working and useful Roblox Promo Codes that still work.

Roblox is a game development tool and online game platform created by the Roblox Corporation. It enables users to develop games as well as play games created by others.

Get your Roblox avatar items, clothing, and more right now: If you’re a Roblox player looking for free goods, you’ve come to the right place.

What are Promo Codes in Roblox?

roblox bedwars combo

Promo Codes in Roblox are the codes that you can use to get free rewards such as – free outfit, pet, shirt pants, backpack, hairs, headphones, hat, mask, clothes, gun skin, Diamonds, and many more.

By using the promo codes, you can customize your character really well, get your character a hat, mask, or any other item, which will give your character unique with a new look.

All Working Roblox Promo Codes (March 2022)

Use these codes to redeem Free Roblox codes, These codes are working right now –

Expired Codes

These Roblox Promo Codes are Expired right now, and may no longer work. Avoid these codes as they are not working.

  • SMYTHSCAT2021 – King Tab Hat
  • TWEETROBLOX – The Bird Says shoulder pet
  • MERCADOLIBREFEDORA2021 – White Flamingo Fedora
  • SPIDERCOLA – Spider Cola shoulder pet
  • TARGETMINTHAT2021 – Peppermint Hat
  • AMAZONFRIEND2021 – Redeem for the Snow Friend accessory
  • WALMARTMEXEARS2021 – Steel Rabbit Ears
  • ROBLOXEDU2021 – Dev Deck
  • KROGERDAYS2021 – Golf Shades
  • ROSSMANNCROWN2021 – Crown of Electric Guitars
  • CARREFOURHOED2021 – redeem this code for the Pasta Hat accessory
  • SettingTheStage – Build it Backpack (Island of move)
  • DIY – Kinetic Staff (Island of move)
  • VictoryLap – Cardio Cans (Island of move)
  • StrikeAPose – Hustle Hat (Island of move)
  • WorldAlive – Crystalline Companion (Island of move)
  • GetMoving – Speedy Shades (Island of move)
  • 100MILSEGUIDORES – Redeem Celebratory Backpack
  • ROBLOXTIKTOK: Redeem Red Panda Party Pet
  • BIHOOD2020: Redeem Arctic Blue Fuzzy Tiger Hood
  • SMYTHSHEADPHONES2020: Redeem free Gnarly Triangle Headphones
  • KROGERDAYS2021 – Redeem Golf Shades
  • WALMARTMXTAIL2020: Redeem Wintery Peacock Tail
  • TRUASIACAT2020: Redeem White Cat Wizard Hat
  • GROWINGTOGETHER14: Redeem Cake Cape
  • ARGOSWINGS2020: Redeem Topaz Hummingbird Wings
  • AMAZONNARWHAL2020: Redeem Dapper Narwhal Shoulder Pal
  • TOYRUBACKPACK2020: Redeem Fully Loaded Backpack
  • WALMARTMEXEARS2021 – Redeem free Steel Rabbit Ears
  • DRRABBITEARS2020: Redeem Royal Winter Rabbit Ears Hat
  • CARREFOURHOED2021 – Redeem Pasta Hat
  • ROSSMANNHAT2020: Redeem Chilly Winter Wizard Hat
  • Glimmer – Redeem Head Slime hat accessory
  • SPIRIT2020: Redeem free Spirit Day 2020 Shoulder Friends
  • TARGETFOX2020: Redeem Fiery Fox Shoulder Pal
  • TWEET2MIL: Redeem free Socialsaurus Flex Hat

How to Redeem Roblox Promo Codes

Follow these steps to redeem any working promo code using the Roblox official promo code website. Make sure to note that the code is working, as the code may be active for a short period of time.

roblox promo codes working
  1. Vist Roblox Promo Code Redemption site first
  2. Go to the top right and Click Login
  3. Login with your Roblox Account Details
  4. Enter your Promo Code in the Empty Field there
  5. Click Redeem! now
  6. Check your Roblox Inventory to find your new item
  7. You will see Promo Code Sucesfuly redeemed! after Redeem
  8. Also, if the code is Expired, you will see Invalid Promo Code message.

This is how you can redeem promo codes in Roblox, make sure to double-check the code and bookmark this page to get the latest updated codes if the code changes in the upcoming days.

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