Roblox: Complete Winter Event No Jumping Difficulty Chart Obby

In this guide, we will talk about how you can get all the gift in the Roblox winter event in which do not jump difficulty chart obby all stages easily. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to get all gift and complete the event.

With various festivals or events, Roblox comes with various events to keep the players addicted to the game. These events gives you skin, gifts, vehicles and many more things, and you can get these items by completing different challenges.

Roblox is a game development tool and online game platform created by the Roblox Corporation. It enables users to develop games as well as play games created by others. These games are fun to play, which makes the community happy.

The massively multiplayer features enable users to put their creativity to work and create new and interesting game modes. From handling the weather to a pizza maker, name a game mode you will find in Roblox. With its premium subscription, this game becomes more fun to play.

How to Complete “Winter Event” in No Jumping Difficulty Chart Obby All Stages

  1. Every time you get a gift, your level/stage will increase.
  2. Change the level to your increased level/stage to get to the next gift.
  3. Enter the increased level value on the gray panel on your screen.
  4. Once you enter the level value, you will go to different locations.
  5. Follow the video to get the gift item present at that location.
  6. Getting to any particular location can take some time or many attempts before you actually reach to your gift item.
  7. Once you reach near the item, simply go close to the item, and you will get the gift item shown on the screen.
  8. Follow this video till the end to get the codes and the gift location.
  9. Once you collect all the gift, then go to the Santa Claus to get a special reward.

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