Roblox Critical Legends: How To Get Eclipse Great Sword

In this guide, we will talk about how you can easily get Eclipse Great Sword in Roblox Critical Legends just by following the steps mentioned in this guide. Make sure you get this as soon as possible before it gets patched.

Critical Legends is a Role-Playing Game mode in Roblox. This game mode features an advanced combat system and weapons that are essential in RPG games. There are also different classes that you can choose from.

How to get Eclipse Great Sword?

  • Start off at the Sky island to buy about 5 Moon potions from the green All You Need shop on the island.
  • You then need to go to the Arsenal to equip all Moon potions.
  • We will recommend getting self-heal while you’re at it as you’ll be fighting bosses soon.
  • Now you need to move on to the dock and board the ship to the Thyrsus Woods.
  • On reaching you need to head over to this basic spawn location and locate the “Legit Shop” and head over to it.
  • You will find a few platformed crates behind the shop which you can use to climb the structure beside it.
  • Once on top, you need to pop all 5 moon potions to perform a super jump onto the higher platform, where you will find the hidden elemental entrance.
  • You can walk into the entrance to spawn into a cool boss room. You now need to defeat this boss, which should be fairly easy since the boss isn’t too strong.
  • It has a 1500 health stat, so it does take time, however. When you defeat this boss, you get the elemental key card, which you need to equip back at the Arsenal down below at spawn.

Once you have the key, you will now need to explore the Woods a little till you find a hidden entrance again, this time covered in vines and moss. You can walk through it to enter the maze. To beat the maze, you need to follow these directions:

  • Take a right
  • Take the 2nd left
  • Find the statue on the end of the U-bend

When you reach the statue you need to accept and equip the potion class. Once you’re done you can either hike back or just simply reset back to spawn.

The 2nd Boss

  • You now have to fight another boss so equip any offensive classes that might help you fight one.
  • When you’re ready, take the ship back to Thyrsus Wood’s basic starting area.
  • There you will find a purple-colored wizard across the bee area.
  • This wizard works as a marker as right behind him, there’s a concealed hole in the wall which you need to walk through.
  • You will find the 2nd boss once inside. This one is slightly trickier, so maybe bring a friend if you can, to assist you.
  • On being defeated, it drops the Moon Shard. Once you have this, reset back to spawn.

With the potion class active, you need to equip the Moon Shard into one of your active slots at an Arsenal. You can then press the use key to activate it. You should now have the Luna Class activated.

  • You now need to buy 5 more Moon potions from the All you need and head over to the section of the house until you see the glowing yellow door.
  • Entering this door, you get the option to buy a Strange disc. Which you now need to equip back at an arsenal.
  • Once done all this, it is time to get the sword, you need to jump into the center square of the Moon Monument using Moon potions.
  • Once at the center, you can use your disc power, to get teleported to Moon Island.
  • You now just need to walk over to the statue to find the Great Moon Sword.

So there you have it, your precious Eclipse Great Sword. All this much work feels worth it when you use this Great Sword.

Hope this guide was helpful, and you had fun along the way! Make sure you check shosko video by clicking on this link.

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