Roblox Critical Legends: How To Get Void Katana Easily

Roblox Critical Legends: How To Get Void Katana Easily

In this guide, we will talk about how you can easily get Void Katana in Roblox Critical Legends just by following the steps mentioned in this guide. The later stage is difficult so make sure to level up.

Void Katana or the “Jack’s Knife” is a very powerful class in the game. It is used to barrage the enemy away and has the best DPS. Hitting one with this gives a random amount of charge.

Void KAtana compressed

Step 1: Fight the Fire Wolf for the Spirit Key

  • The first step is to fight the Fire Wolf boss. It is not difficult to defeat the boss but kind of hard to find him.
  • Head over to the Thyrsis Woods and move from the blue boat portal island.
  • Walk along the wall and you will see a little cave entrance to the right.
  • There you will meet the boss inside a big house.
  • Defeat him and he will drop the spirit key.
SS1 compressed

Step 2: Equip the Spirit Key

SS4 compressed
  • The Spirit key is very important for this as it is the only way you can get into the Spirit woods.
  • After getting the key move back to the Arsenal.
  • Put that on and there you will get the Katana class.
ADD compressed
  • Now you have the default katana. On the other side of the spirit woods is a chest that drops a very powerful passive.
  • Make sure you get the chest.
  • After this, the next step is to get the Void Ticket.
Ss chest compressed

For Void Katana you just need to use Void Ticket on Katana.

Step 3: Defeat the Void Boss

  • Now the second step is a bit harder which is to defeat the Void boss.
  • Head over to Sky Island with this class.
  • Go over Green ship and jump down into the forest area.
  • Follow the tree line and then there will be a menacing dark-looking cave towards the left.
boss 2 compressed
  • Now you have to jump over and you will die if you have not reached level 100.
  • So, you must be level 100 plus to even attempt to do this
  • Killing this boss is not easy. After being defeated, he drops the Void Ticket.
  • Now finally go back to the Arsenal, clear your active items, and put on a void ticket.
  • Activate your void ticket and then finally you have your Void Katana.
last compressed

This is indeed a very powerful class in the game with good damage and also getting the void katana gives you a very powerful class known as the jack’s knife.

Now you know how to get this class. Try on this yourself and meanwhile check out other guides of Roblox for other tips and tricks.

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