Roblox Find The Sonic – All 35 Locations

Roblox Find The Sonic Morphs is a game that is entirely based on the concept of Easter Egg Hunting. With a recent update, the game now features 35 different sonics that you can find all around the map. This article will go in-depth about the location of all of these sonics and give you the easiest way to locate them. Since there are so many, let’s get right into it.

All Sonic Locations

There are three different places you can teleport to once you open the game which are Middle, Island, and Heights. We will tell you all the locations for each area one by one.


All of the following sonic locations are from the middle location. You can easily teleport to this location by going to the “Teleport” option on the left.

  • Normal Sonic

First up, the easiest sonic to find in the game is the normal sonic. Once you load in on the middle area, which is also the place where you start when you open the game for the first time, just glance over to your left and you will see a little ring beside a pillar. The image below is an example of how the items look in-game.

find the sonic morphs
Normal Sonic
  • Piggy Sonic

After getting the normal sonic, head over to the brown area that is directly in front of where the ring was facing. As soon as you enter, go left and the Piggy Sonic is at the corner at one of the platforms. It is a little pink snoot that is very clearly visible.

  • Crystal Sonic

Next, head over to the computer that is in the same area on the left of the Piggy Sonic. On the left side of the monitor, in a corner, you will find the Crystal Sonic. This is one of the best-looking sonics in the game.

  • Unicorn Sonic

There is a little alleyway on the left side of the Piggy Sonic that has a jump pad at the end of it. Go ahead and use this jump pad and Unicorn Sonic will be there on the first flower to the left of the platform that you jump to.

Unicorn Sonic
  • Transparent Sonic

To find the sonic morphs that are next, follow the little platform on the left of the flower and jump on the effigy across the platform. After that, you have to double jump on the platform near the effigy. Next, jump on the platform on the right and the Transparent Sonic will be right in front of you at the bottom.

  • Builder Sonic

This is surprisingly near Transparent Sonic. Just go to the other side of the same platform that the transparent one was on. On the little edge on the other side, you will see the Builder Sonic chilling.

  • Tussy Sonic

Right in front of the Transparent Sonic, you will see a pine tree and a platform in front of it with an effigy on the top. Jump on this platform and on top of the effigy, you will find the Tussy Sonic.

  • Popcat Sonic

On one of the edges that are facing the water from where you got the builder sonic, look down and you will see two white pillars. You will see a popCat(which is a twitch emote) chilling on one of the pillars. Jump directly on top of it and get the sonic.

  • Red Sonic

Teleport back to the middle to find the sonic morph that is next. Turn around and follow the yellow-white platform and keep turning left on the grassy platforms until you see another jump pad. Use it to jump on the platform above and then you have to parkour to the white pillars in the middle, you will see the red sonic on one of these pillars.

  • SUS Sonic

Teleport back to the middle area and go in the direction you’re facing when you spawn, turn left and head over to the other yellow-white platform to find the sonic. As soon as you cross this platform, the blue flower on the left contains a SUS Sonic within it.

  • Iron Spider Sonic

Next, keep heading in the direction you were going, and in the front, you will see a couple of parkour platforms with a brown platform in front. Get to the brown platform and go towards the edge. You will find the sonic at the edge with a spider web sticking to the wall.

  • Thug Life Sonic

Go back to the blue flower where you got the SUS Sonic. Look towards the flower and jump to the tree closest to you. You will see the Thug Life Sonic chilling on this tree.

  • Devil Sonic

Spawn back on the middle area to find the sonic that is next, look for the white flower near the spawn. Fall down in the water right behind the flower and go to the waterfall in front of you that has little snow at the bottom. You will find the Devil Sonic there.

  • Marker Sonic

To find the sonic mentioned above, go back to the middle area and follow the yellow-white platform behind you, and then jump in the water towards the left and go to the huge white pillar in front. You will find the Marker Sonic at the bottom of this.


  • Shadow and Ghost Sonic

As soon as you teleport to the Island, to find the sonic mentioned, just simply head to the waterfall right beside the spawn and you will see the Shadow Sonic in front. Next, just check the right corner of the same pool and you’ll see the Ghost Sonic.

  • Alien Sonic

To find the sonic mentioned, just look at the right edge of the platform that you spawn and you will see a chain. Cross this chain to the platform in front and the Alien Sonic will be on the tree closest to you.

  • Blackhole Sonic

Spawn back over to the Island you will see that there is an area on top where the waterfall starts from. Start climbing this area from the left side and as soon as you jump on the first platform, there is a little edge extending there, jump on this edge and in the corner, you will find the Sonic Blackhole.

  • Superhero Sonic

Get to the top of this archway that I mentioned before. Morph yourself into the Normal Sonic and jump on the huge green platform in front. Climb on the wall beside the other platform here and you will see the Superhero Sonic on the top at the very edge on the right.

  • Police and Thief Sonic

Jump straight down from the edge where you found Superhero Sonic to find the sonic mentioned. Keep going straight forward to a platform that is small and has 2 pine trees on it. Jump up on it and you will see the Police Sonic on the corner of the pine tree on top. Go to the lower platform and on the edge of it, you will see the Thief Sonic.

  • Glitched Sonic

To find the sonic mentioned, jump up 1 or 2 more times from where you found the Blachole Sonic and look down, you will see a green platform way down. Jump on this platform and you will see the Glitched Sonic in a corner beside a pillar.

  • EXE Sonic

Go back to the Island Spawn and there will be another chain on the left edge of the platform. Go through the chain and keep going forward on the green platform. You will see a jump pad, jump on it and you will see the EXE Sonic on the top beside a stone.

  • Saiyan Sonic

Head back to the Island Spawn and climb the only tree that is on the spawn platform. You can climb on the platform in front and then on the tree. You will find the sonic mentioned right there on the tree.


For the rest of these on Heights, you will have to morph to the normal Sonic or any other sonic that can double jump. With that out of the way, let’s get into the last few sonics.

  • Moon and Frozen Sonic

As soon as you teleport to heights, right behind you(in the opposite direction of where you’re looking when you spawn), you will see a bridge below the edge of the platform. Jump on the bridge and you will see the Moon Sonic in the corner. On the middle edge of the same bridge, you will find the Frozen Sonic.

Moon Sonic
  • Angel Sonic

Look at the right side of where you are looking when you spawn, you will see another platform in front where you can double jump when you are using a Sonic Morph. Keep going forward and you will see parkour blocks lining the platform. To find the sonic mentioned, climb these boxes and at the corner of the platform you get to, there will be a big effigy. Angel sonic is n top of this.

  • Slender Sonic

On the platform which you land after finishing the parkour, which is the same platform that the effigy is on, you will find the sonic mentioned on the corner of the curved tile right where you land.

  • Super Sonic

Jump up the platform from the effigy and then jump on the platform on your right. You will see a glowing blue sonic which is the Super Sonic.

  • Flaming Sonic

Head back to the effigy where you got Angel Sonic and jump on the platform right behind the sunflower in front to find the sonic mentioned. Climb to the very top here and you will find the Flaming Sonic.

  • Sun and Spider Sonic

From the flaming sonic, jump on the platform that has an iron item on the edge. Then, jump on the platform directly in front again and the Sun Sonic is on the edge. Jump again on the same platform and the Spider Sonic is right above the Sun Sonic.

  • Hacker Sonic

There are two pine trees on this platform where you are currently on where you found the Sun and Spider Sonic. On the top of the lower Pine tree, you will find the Hacker Sonic.

  • Huggy Sonic

Teleport back to heights and jump right down in the water from your left edge. Keep going in front and you will see another platform with two pines on it. Climb on the shorter platform and Huggy will be on the edge of it.

  • Golden Sonic

For the final sonic, head over to groups on Roblox after exiting the game and join the group called “Crazay Studios”. Once you join the group, you will find the sonic in your inventory. Congratulations! You’ve found all the sonics in the Roblox Find The Sonic.

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