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How To Win Every Game in Squid Game Roblox

Squid Game is a Netflix original show from South Korea that is breaking records. People have begun to create Roblox squid games in order to improve the players’ experience and allow them to enjoy the game even more.

Squid Game has been famous among a variety of things, including Roblox, where there are multiple game variants based on the Squid game. There are multiple remakes in the works, and one is already available in the game’s popular section.

Squid Game premiered on Netflix on September 17 and has swiftly become one of the most talked-about shows on the platform, becoming the first South Korean television show to reach the top of the list and land at number one.

All Game Mode:

Different squid game features different modes in the game, and these game modes may differ from the original series. As devs are getting creative, they make their own game mode that you have to complete in order to win the game.

Game 1: Red Light Green Light

red light green light

This is one of the easiest game challenge that you face in squid game Roblox. In order to win this mode you just have to focus on the song lyrics and how fast the doll sings the song. At the end of lyrics, she will say red light.

So you can easily check on the lyrics she sing “Mugunghwa Kkoci Pieot Seumnida”. Almost every two time at the end of Seumnida red light comes. You can easily counter the signal on when to walk or stay when you hear the word Seumnida.

Game 2: Shapes Walking

shape walk

This game mode is just the game of patience. Different shapes will be provided at the start of this game mode and a random will selected, and you have to walk across the selected shape and reach the goal.

Simple press forward key with simple left and right movement to stay on the shape. Make a little key press otherwise you will fall and will be eliminated from the game. Smaller movement, but also watch the timer.

Game 3: Marbles

squid game marbles

This game mode is just the game of luck. In this game mode you have some marbles and a choice will be given to you to choose even or odd and if your answer is correct then you will be awarded with more marbles. If you have more than 0 marbles, you win this round.

There is no pattern to this game. But what we have seen several times that if odd comes, most likely one or two times odd comes. Chances of even coming frequently is more, but it is all based on luck and the number of marbles you have.

Game 4: Tug Of War

tug of war

Just like the normal tug of war game, there will be two teams and a rope will be handed to you. Each team will pull the rope until the opponents fall or cross the line. If you make the enemy team fall, you will win the round.

In this game mode you just have to spam Pull when it pops up on the screen. Number of team members may affect the performance sometimes. But even if you have less teammates, if you spam the pull correctly, you can easily win this mode.

Game 5: Glass Bridge

squid game glass bridge

In this game mode there are two types of glasses, tempered glass and regular. Tempered glass can hold the up to two people, while the regular glass will depend on the weight of the person. Regular one will crack easily.

You can try three things here: First, just wait for the other person to jump and find the right glass. Second, do a jump on the glass and immediately jump back or jump forward on the glass. The second step is a little risky. Third, you can try standing on the bar holding glasses. It is not whether this works on all game modes.

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