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Best Controller Settings for COD Modern Warfare II (2022)

Well begun is half done! So, you’ll already head into the game with an upper hand over your fierce opponents with the right set of settings and configurations. In this game with quick settings and fast gameplay, it’s very crucial to have appropriate settings according to your game style which allows you to respond at the right moment and shoot accurately with precision.

Modern Warfare II Multiplayer game modes:

In Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer, there has been an addition to two new game modes: Prisoner Rescue and Knockout, in Prisoner Rescue two teams compete to rescue a captive while a defending team blocks them by erecting barriers around the victim. Knockout puts two teams against one another to capture a package with a handful of lives. Third-person game genres and an incomplete 3v3 Raid mode were confirmed in September.

With that as an objective for this article let’s begin and keep reading to find out more about the best settings for Modern Warfare 2. These settings should make it easier for you to build great reflexes to aim and stir around in the game.

General Game Settings

Stick Layout Preset
Invert Vertical Look
0 (increase as required)
Button Layout Preset 
Tactical Flipped
Controller vibration
Trigger Effect 
General Settings

Gameplay & Weapons Settings (Recommended)

Auto Move Forward
Automatic Sprint
Automatic Tactical Sprint
Parachute Auto-Deploy
Vehicle Camera Recenter
Scale Aim Assist with FOV
Weapon Mount Activation
ADS + Melee
Weapon Mount Movement Exit
Aim Down Sight Behavior
Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch
Armour Plate Behavior
Apply All
Steady Aim Behavior
Equipment Behavior
Gameplay Settings

Input Control Settings

This is a preferable set of settings, but many among you would like to use Tactical because of the change in output, which is a result of the difference in slender and reeds.

Aim Settings & Sensitivity
Horizontal stick sensitivity
Vertical stick sensitivity
Sensitivity multiplier
ADS sensitivity multiplier
Left stick min. input deadzone 
Right stick min. input deadzone 
Aim Controls

Discover what suits you the Best!

Although we have tried to come up with the best possible combinations, there’s no fixed standard for everyone. Since everyone’s gameplay is unique and demands different controller settings. So, it’s recommended to practice for a while in respawn or any other game mode and test different key bindings and settings for the best possible output for your gaming experience. Or you can simply try our recommendations and tweak some based on your preferences. Only you can tell what would ultimately work best for you.

This is a link to shotzzy’s guide for the best settings for Modern Warfare II (2022).

That is about it for this article about the best controller settings in Modern Warfare II. We will provide other optimizations and game fixes once we discover more about the game in the coming days. Do not forget to check our otter articles on Modern Warfare II as we head closer to the release date with each passing day.

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