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How to Boost & Increase FPS in Tower of Fantasy PC (Windows)

Creating all the buzz in the MMORPG genre of games, Tower of Fantasy is riding the hype wave pretty nicely. The game is attracting players with its high-quality graphics and combat mechanics which although a bit clunky is fun to play around.

This article will tell how to boost FPS and increase performance in Tower of Fantasy for PC. So let’s get straight into it. Here are some tips you can follow to ensure high FPS and good performance in the game:

Update Graphics Drivers

Updating Graphics drivers for your graphics cards adds a significant boost to the performance and FPS in a game. The drivers optimise the graphics cards for different games and deliver optimal performance. The drivers for your graphics card can be found on the official website of your graphics card provider.

Turn off the Unnecessary background processes

Sometimes the background processes or the applications or software running in the background of your PC hamper the performance of your PC while playing games. They consume memory and don’t let the game have the resources it needs.

You can turn those processes off by opening a task manager in windows and manually selecting the background process you want to stop. Auto start services like discord, steam and origin after stopped can result in better performance.

Lower your Screen Resolution

Lowering the screen resolution allows the PC to use fewer resources and perform more efficiently. Another case to keep in mind is having a Full HD monitor(1080p) and playing the game in 2K resolution doesn’t make sense.

It would only use more resources to output 2K quality gameplay but your monitor will only output 1080p so keep that in mind and match the resolution of the game to that of your monitor. You can use lower resolutions, in general, to boost gameplay if the PC is not powerful enough.

In Game Settings

Next, you have to make sure the settings of the game match your preferences as well. Turning off options like ” anti-aliasing” provides a significant boost to the FPS and Performance of many games. Turning off camera vibration and using custom graphics settings is also recommended.

A YouTuber named Kephren has further discussed this topic in detail in a video with the recommended in-game settings as well. You can find the video below and check it out for more details. Follow FutureGaming for more news, guides, and fixes related to games and tech.

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