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Goat Simulator 3 Best Graphics Settings 2022

Goat Simulator 3 is a brand new third-person game in which you get to become a GOAT. The concept is similar to previous versions of this game where you can climb, headbutt and lick your way across an open world map with a lot of areas with their own challenges and easter eggs to discover.

Now obviously the newer version of goat simulator will give a much better graphics engine and optimization but being a game that is soo hyper and yet to release on the 17th of November, it is safe to say that fans would want to make their setup game ready and with that in mind comes the question about the ideal settings players would need to have a smooth first-hand experience.

With that in mind, this article will cover everything you need to be prepared with for the upcoming goat simulator 3!

Goat simulator 3 optimum system settings

Goat Simulator 3 system requirements are not impossible to achieve, in fact, it’s much easier than you imagine. Here are some tips to follow for a good gaming experience:

  • Make sure that your RAM is enough to first meet the required settings to start the game. As mostly all good laptops have at least 8 GB ram in them so that shouldn’t be an issue. Try upgrading it to 16 GB to allow the game to run on high settings without too much issue
  • The next thing is your graphics card especially if you haven’t upgraded your card in a while. You will at least need a GPU on par with Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti to boot into the extremely detailed open-world game. You can crank up the settings without sacrificing the performance if you have a GTX 1070 card with 8 GB RAM in it.
  • Coming to your windows operating system, if you haven’t upgraded to windows 10 then this is the time to do so if you really want to play goat simulator 3 as it’s the basic system eligibility or requirement before even starting the game.
  • Lastly coming to the CPU, here you would need an intel core i5 – 4690K processor as your base requirement to be eligible to download the game. With this, you can enjoy the game in minimal settings with a good enough frame rate. However, if you want a really good high-graphic experience then grab a higher-rated intel chip like the core i5 – 9400F and crank up the graphics settings!

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