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God of War RAGNARÖK: Best Graphics Settings for PS4 & PS5

God of War Ragnarök is the sequel to the 2018 PlayStation 4 Exclusive, God of War. A reboot of one of Sony’s flagship titles, God of War received 9.6/10 on IGN, 10/10 on Steam, and 94% on Metacritic. God of War Ragnarök picks up the first game’s story, with a fresh new face powered by the hardware behind the PlayStation 5.

In God of War Ragnarök, Kratos and his teenage son, Atreus, traverse through ancient Scandinavia, preparing and trying to stop the eschatological event, Ragnarök. Combining combo-based combat and puzzle-solving mechanics, this game would be the last of the Norse era in this series.

This article will discuss the best graphics settings for PS4 and PS5 in God of War Ragnarök. For more content regarding game settings and guides, visit our Settings and Guides Tab.

god of war ragnarok4
Source: Sony

GOW: RAGNARÖk graphics settings for ps4 & ps5

This guide will provide you with the instructions which ensure optimal performance from your PS4 and PS5, and the maximum amount of FPS generatable by the game. If you have a specific error code or problem with the game or your console, don’t hesitate to contact the game’s developers or email customer care.

How to locate the graphics and camera settings menu

Screenshot 203
Source: Sony
  • Start the game
  • Press the options button on your controller (If In-game)
  • Go to Settings and select Graphics and Camera

Screen Calibration Settings

Screenshot 199
Source: Sony
  • HDR Brightness – 50
  • UI Brightness – 50
  • Graphics Mode – PS5 (Favor Quality), PS4 Pro and PS4 (Favor Performance)
  • High Frame Rate Mode – ON (In All Cases)

graphics settings

Screenshot 198
Source: Sony
  • Film Grain – 0
  • Motion Blur – 0
  • Reduced Flashing – OFF

camera settings

Screenshot 201
Source: Sony
  • Invert Vertical Control – OFF
  • Invert Horizontal Control – OFF
  • Horizontal Rotation Speed – 5
  • Vertical Rotation Speed – 5
  • Aim Horizontal Sensitivity – 5
  • Aim Vertical Sensitivity – 5
god of war ragnarok3
Source: Sony

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