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Best PC Settings Lords of the Fallen 2023: High FPS & Graphics

In this article, we will discuss how we can achieve maximum performance on the new Lords of the Fallen Game 2023 while maintaining good graphics. The settings provided in this game were tested on the 1050ti mobile version of the GPU, so depending on your PC config you can tweak these settings.

Lords of the Fallen 2023 is a souls-like game which is a reboot of Lords of the Fallen 2014. It is an action-packed game, where you have to fight different difficult bosses to progress through the storyline and like other Souls games it is difficult but not that difficult.

This game has got many poor reviews due to the performance of the game and its graphics which does not look good on all platform. In future, there might be different mods used or NVIDIA filters that may help improve the performance and also the visuals of the game.

You can buy this game from Steam and install it from there and installing proper graphics card drivers and other required ones will be done by Steam only.

Best Settings LOTF (Max FPS & Graphics) Low-End PC For Lag Fix

Follow all the settings from top to bottom to ensure you have the best results so that you can enjoy the game lag less and defeat bosses but that won’t be easy. You have to scratch your head multiple times to crash through a boss and beat the game.

If you are planning to use the Nvidia colour filter, remember it will decrease your performance if you do not have high GPU cards.

Note: That Lords of the Fallen looks a little grainy. We will test out some presets later and provide you with some
color grading options.

How to change the graphics settings?

  • Once you open the game, from the home screen, click on settings.
  • There you will find options for Display and Graphics.
  • From there you can edit both settings.

Best Display Settings For Lords of the Fallen 2023

You can apply these settings to run your game smoothly without losing many details. The Ultra Settings game looks good but is still not as good if you compare it with other games like Elden Ring, Lie of P or other Souls-like games. The game mechanics are good and feature new things

Window modeFullscreen
Resolution1920 x 1080
Resolution scale100% (This option will be greyed out if AMD FSR is on)
FPS limit144
Screen calibrationCalibrate
HDRNo (This option will be greyed out if AMD FSR is on)
NVIDIA Reflex Low LatencyOn + Boost
QualityQuality or Performance

Best Graphics Settings For Lords of the Fallen 2023

Auto-detect quality! sign means Auto Set is off
Graphics presetCustom
View DistanceHigh
Texture qualityUltra
Visual effect qualityMedium
Post-processing qualityLow
Reflection qualityLow
Global illumination qualityLow
Foliage qualityOff
Motion blurOff
Film GrainOff
Chromatic aberrationOff

If your PC/laptop is still facing FPS issues I suggest you go through the below articles that might help you.

Follow the above steps mentioned in the articles which will not only help you boost in-game performance but will also boost your PC performance significantly and for other games. Make sure to take a backup of your settings and windows before performing the steps mentioned in the above articles.

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