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play pokemon scarlet and violet on yuzu best 4k settings

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are two role-playing 2022 games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company for the console Nintendo Switch. This game is the ninth generation of the Pokemon video series and was just released a couple of days back on 18th Nov 2022.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mostly have the same gameplay mechanics and structure compared to its predecessor which involved catching the Pokemon through trading and using them to explore the area while keeping the battling element intact.

In fact, this game along with its gameplay has such a good graphics engine that if picked the right settings, can actually blow your mind. The question is that what are those graphics settings while playing on Yuzu? Can one have a stable graphic configuration while using the 4k settings? Keep reading to find out how to achieve the best possible graphic setting.

Yuzu emulator is pretty popular with the Nintendo switch and a lot of gamers use and rely on it. It provides the best in-game performance for any game if the settings are tuned right.

Players are also keen on using Yuzu with pokemon scarlet and violet using the best settings possible, but this requires some tweaking to prevent jitter or lag which can ruin the game moment during crucial phases.

best yuzu settings – pokemon scarlet and violet

These settings are considered the best setting for a game like pokemon scarlet and violet. The below setting will account for Intel, Nvidia, and AMD GPU users and their common best setting:

  1. Open the Yuzu settings and explore the options.
  2. Use the Vulkan API under emulation – configure – graphics – API
  3. Make sure to use auto CPU accuracy which is also under emulation – configure – CPU
  4. Disable the async shaders under advanced graphics settings
  5. Save your settings if that’s applicable and update to the latest drivers available

things to set straight for proper working

To run pokemon scarlet and violet on yuzu with best-in-class frame rate and graphics, here is what to keep in mind.

Optimize your OS on which you are trying to run pokemon using the Yuzu emulator to deliver the best performance. Check for compatibility discrepancies if any and rectify them, which would be mostly there if you haven’t updated your PC or have not installed the latest version of Yuzu.

Even tho you are using an emulator, you still are using your PC’s graphics cores to a considerable level to even render if you have a 4K resolution screen on your PC. Ensure that your graphics card settings are optimized to deliver the best performance even on 4K.

Change the graphics preference for your Yuzu emulator in the settings application for the best experience. To increase the FPS, set the graphic setting to ‘high’ by going to the display settings and clicking on graphics under the related settings.

Reset your emulator’s settings to their defaults to eliminate all possible reasons due to incorrect settings and modes. Launch the Yuzu emulator and go to the emulation tab and select configure. Now navigate to the general tab on the left side and then click on the reset all button.

Disable Vsync as this prevents artefacts and double-sighted glitches to ruin your setup and crash the game altogether. Although Vsync settings help in graphic enhancement, some graphics cards struggle with the added processing and ruin the response of your game.

yuzu config

If nothing works, then change your graphics API settings. Normally, there are two API settings in Yuzu – Vulkan, and OpenGL. Many games work well using the Vulkan settings as your graphics card may support that more, while some others support OpenGL more and run smoother. Hence be sure which one is for you. You can go to the graphics tab under the emulation settings and configure your API whichever works best.

4k with yuzu

Yuzu can allow pokemon to run at 4k settings as its supports AMD Fidelity FX super Resolution support for better performance while running the game.

It does so with something called the resolution scaler which basically upscales regular 1080p gaming into pure 4K High resolution. This new feature can scale the dimensions of textures that switch games render at and then renders them again at the upscaled resolution in the same window. So make sure to use the latest version of yuzu to enjoy the 4k 60fps mod added.

Check out the game here

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