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Sonic Frontiers: Best Controller Settings

Sonic Frontiers is an Action-Adventure Platformer from Sega. The latest title for Sega’s Flagship Franchise “Sonic The Hedgehog”, Sonic Frontiers will be available from 8th November 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and Microsoft Windows.

In Sonic Frontiers, players take up the role of Sonic The Hedgehog, as they explore the mysterious Starfall Islands. The purpose is to collect the Chaos Emeralds, which are lost after Sonic and his friends get separated due to falling through a Wormhole.

This article will discuss the Best Controller Settings for Sonic Frontiers. For more content regarding game guides, tips, and tutorials, visit our Guides Tab.

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Source: Steam

Sonic Frontiers Best Controller Settings

These settings include both the Game Settings and Controls Settings. Make sure to follow each and every step for a great gaming experience!

Sonic Frontiers Best Game Settings

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Source: Sega
  • Notifications – ON
  • Starting Speed – 0.5
  • Initial Boost Speed – 1
  • Turning Speed – 0.5
  • Boost Turning Speed – 0.5
  • Top Speed – 1
  • Steering Sensitivity – 0.5
  • Acceleration – 1
  • Bounce Height – 1
  • Camera Speed – 0.5
  • Camera Y-Axis – Normal
  • Camera X-Axis – Normal
  • Camera Distance – 0.5
  • Camera Angle – 1
  • Auto Reset Camera Position – OFF
  • Auto Camera Position – ON
  • Vibration – ON
  • Restrict Movement During a Monologue – OFF
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Source: Steam

Sonic Frontiers Best Controller Settings

  • ACT: Move Forward – Left Stick UP
  • ACT: Move Back – Left Stick DOWN
  • ACT: Move Left – Left Stick LEFT
  • ACT: Move Right – Left Stick RIGHT
  • ACT: Quick Step Left – Left Bumper
  • ACT: Quick Step Right – Right Bumper
  • ACT: Jump – A/X (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • ACT: Boost – Right Trigger
  • ACT: Cycloop – Y/△ (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • ACT: Attack – X/ (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • ACT: Stomp Attack – B/○ (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • ACT: Sonic Boom – Left Trigger
  • ACT: Light Dash – Left Stick Press/L3 (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • ACT: Lock On – Right Stick Press/R3 (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • ACT: Cyber-Space – D-Pad DOWN
  • ACT: Stop Slot Machine – D-Pad UP
  • ACT: Show Tutorial Again – D-Pad RIGHT
  • ACT: Pause Menu – Menu/Options Button (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • ACT: Map – View/Share Button (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • UI: Move Cursor Up – Left Stick UP
  • UI: Move Cursor Down – Left Stick DOWN
  • UI: Move Cursor Left – Left Stick LEFT
  • UI: Move Cursor Right – Left Stick RIGHT
  • UI: Tab Left – Left Bumper
  • UI: Tab Right – Right Bumper
  • UI: Confirm – A/X (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • UI: Cancel – B/○ (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • UI: Move to Cyber-Space – Y/△ (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • UI: Return to Default – X/ (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • UI: Reset Map – Left Stick Press/L3 (Xbox or PlayStation)
  • Controller Sensitivity – 0.6
  • Mouse Sensitivity – 0.5
sonic frontiers5
Source: Steam

These were the best controller settings for Sonic Frontiers, for both PlayStation and Xbox Users. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with topics related to gaming, tech, and more.

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