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Spider-Man Remastered PC Best Settings for Visuals (Guide) 

Spider-Man: Remastered is out and everyone is hyped up to finally get their hands on the game and try it out for themselves. There was a long wait for the game among PC gamers after its initial release on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The game follows the daily fits of Peter Parker – Spider-Man. The game has amazing graphics and the gameplay mechanics of the game had gamers worldwide eagerly waiting for its release. The PlayStation gamers got their hands on it first and now it’s time for the PC gamers.

This article will tell you the best settings for Spider-Man: Remastered which you can apply to enjoy the game with the best experience possible.

Spiderman lagfix2

Spider-Man: Remastered Best Settings

These settings serve as a starting point for you and you may tweak some of the settings as per your hardware specifications to find the settings you are satisfied with.


  • Window Mode: Fullscreen
  • Display Resolution: On a 4K display:
  • If High-End GPU set 2160p for 60fps and 1440p for 120fps.
  • If Mid-Range GPU set 1440p for 60fps and 1080p for 120fps.
  • Refresh Rate: It depends on the monitor’s refresh rate.
  • V-Sync: Disabled on VRR/G-sync displays, Enabled on non-VRR/G-sync displays.
  • HDR Max Luminance: On an HDR Display, the value to be set would be 10℅ of the peak brightness of your display.
  • Anti-Aliasing: TAA
  • Upscale Method: AMD FSR 2.0 on AMD and DLSS non-compliant Nvidia GPUs and NVIDIA DLSS on supported Nvidia GPUs.
  • Upscale Quality: Dynamic
    • Dynamic Resolution Scaling: On
Spiderman bestsettings 1

Graphics Menu

Texture QualityVery High
Texture Filtering8x on mid-range GPU, 16x on high-end GPU
Shadow QualityMedium to High, depending on the target frame rate
Ambient OcclusionSSAO
Screen Space ReflectionsEnable or disable 
Ray-traced Reflections
Reflection Resolution
Geometry Detail
Object Range
• 6 to 8, depending on your CPU Specs and the frame rate for are aiming for
Level of DetailHigh
Traffic DensityLow
Crowd DensityLow to Medium, depending on the system specs.
Hair QualityMedium
Weather particle qualityLow
Depth of Field
Field of ViewAccording to the display aspect ratio
Motion Blur1
Lens FlaresOn

These were the PC settings for Spider-Man: Remastered. As said earlier these are a starting base and you may change some of the settings according to your PC Specifications to suit your needs.

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