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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 YUZU & RYUJINX Best FPS Settings

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a hot new game attracting gamers from all over the world with its open-world gameplay and its incredibly high-resolution graphics. The game offers an adventure roleplay setup in a fantasy world with incredible graphics.

But as the game is only released for Nintendo Switch PC gamers from worldwide have to rely on the switch emulators like Yuzu and Ryujinx to play this game on their PCs. Now using emulators comes with many challenges if one is not accustomed to using them. Especially one of the biggest challenges is to figure out the perfect settings for the game to run smoothly on the PC without any problems.

This article will help you figure out those settings so that you can enjoy the beautiful world of Xenoblade Chronicles 3. The system specifications used for these settings are i5 8400 and RTX 1060. These settings were tested by the Youtuber GAMINJA.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – YUZU Settings.

The settings for Yuzu are as follows:

  • General – Check all the boxes except mute audio when in the background.
Xenoblade3 Bestsettings
Yuzu General Settings
  • System :

Language – Use Global Configuration(English) Region – Use Global Configuration (USA) Time Zone – Use Global Configuration (Auto) Sound Output – Use Global Configuration (Stereo)

Xenoblade3 Bestsettings2
Yuzu System Settings
  • CPU – select the option Use Global Configuration (auto) in the Accuracy section.
Xenoblade3 bestsettings3
Yuzu CPU Settings
  • Graphics – Now for the graphics part select API to OpenGL and Shader Backend to GLASM (Assembly Shaders, NVIDIA only).
Xenoblade3 bestsettings4
Yuzu Graphics Settings
  • Adv. Graphics – In advance graphics only check the box labelled Use Fast GPU Time (Hack)
Xenoblade3 bestsettings5
Yuzu Advance Graphics Settings

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 – RYUJINX Settings.

The settings for Ryujinx are as follows:

  • General – In the general settings for Ryujinx select the boxes saying Check for updates on launch and Show the ‘Confirm Exit’ dialogue.
Xwnoblade3 bestsetting6
RYUJINX General Settings
  • Input – In the input option just select Enable Docked Mode.
Xenoblade3 bestsetting7
RYUJINX Input Settings
  • System – Here check the Enable PPTC and Enable FS integrity Checks boxes.
Xenoblade3 bestsetting8
RYUJINX System Settings
  • Graphics – For the Graphics settings in RYUJINX check the Enable Shader Cache, set Anisotropic Filtering to Auto and Resolution scale to Native.
Xenoblade3 bsstsetting9
RYUJINX Graphics Settings
  • Logging – For the Logging option you don’t need to select anything. Leave everything unchecked.

With all those Settings applied in your Switch emulator of choice you can enjoy Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in smooth 30 FPS and 60 FPS on more powerful devices without any issues. So go ahead and get on with your adventures and for more settings for other games keep following FutureGaming.

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