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SpeedRunners takes over Splitgate (World Record)

Splitgate is one of the best multiplayer games of 2021. This game is so huge that everyone has to wait in queues to...

splitgate vs halo infinite
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Halo Infinite vs Splitgate: Which game is better for you?

Halo Infinite vs Splitgate, which game is better? The users are comparing these two games. We all know that the halo franchise has...

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Splitgate: How to Unlock All Skins for free 2022

Splitgate is a free-to-play FPS Arena Shooter Multiplayer Game that is developed and maintained by 1047 Games. The game officially came out as...

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How to get Splitgate Season Battle Pass for free 2021

Splitgate Season 0 has finally been announced after a long time. The game was in Beta for quite some time but finally, our...

Splitgate server error
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[Fix] Splitgate – How to Fix Server Queue | Fix Server Login Error

Splitgate is currently booming on the gaming community which is called a mixture of Halo and the Portal PC game which is now...

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Splitgate | How to redeem Xbox Game Pass Skin for free

Splitgate is giving away a free Xtreme Bundle Skin Pack to all the players who own an Xbox. If you are one of...

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Splitgate – Top 10 Controller Tips and Tricks need to know in 2021

Splitgate is a trending game you guys already know, Spiltgate is a team based, FPS game which is currently rolling out in beta...

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Splitgate: Unlock Partnered Streamer or Content Creator Name Tag

Splitgate is getting popular day by day, and it’s really awesome to see that a small group of individuals are making games that...

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Splitgate Best Pro Settings (FPS, Bindings & Performance) 2022

Hello gamers, as you all know Splitgate is a cool interesting game combination of Halo and the Portal, which is really giving awesome...

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Splitgate DLC Codes Free 2022 | Everything you need to know

Splitgate is really a beautiful and competitive game to play. The game has so many cool skins that they will blow your mind....