Splitgate – Top 10 Controller Tips and Tricks need to know in 2021

Splitgate is a trending game you guys already know, Spiltgate is a team based, FPS game which is currently rolling out in beta mode, having lots of players playing this game, this game can be playable on PC, Mac as well as Xbox.

Splitgate as in current beta state, still not all can get into matchmaking due to the full servers, But the team has announced they are fixing this right as soon as possible as read on the twitter handle. If you want to know more about – how to Bypass the Splitgate server queue read here.

Playing Splitgate on Controllers

  • Splitgate is popular for playing on PC with keyboard and mouse, same applies for Controllers. Controller are very much fun to use, These controllers have a set of face buttons, pressure-sensitive triggers, and multiple joysticks that can be used instead of a mouse to move about.
  • It completely different experience if you play any game on the controller, besides that there can be some issues and difficulties you may get while using controllers.
  • Or you may not clutch like you did with the keyboard and mouse, do not worry read this post from start to end, where we will show you some best 10 tips that every controller should follow –

Top 10 Tips for Using Controllers in Splitgate

Before talking about some tips for controllers, make sure to check the Best Tips and Tricks in Splitgate that everyone should follow to be Pro at Splitgate and dominate others.

Follow the points below to get pro in splitgate especially if you are a controller player –

1. Strafing Left to Right

Strafing generally means moving sideways or left to right while moving in the game. The Joysticks/Controllers are very much useful to strafe which will help you to strafe easily without any issues.

While you are in fight or having 1v1 with someone, strafing left to right will really help you to survive and dodge bullets easily as much as the opponent reloads the weapon.

After he run out of bullets, thats your work now, you can get easily free kills instantly.

2. Slow Sensitivity

Having Slow sensitivity is very much beneficial while playing on a controller. Not too much low sens, but a little but low sensitivity will really help you to place you crosshair on the enemy and get a kill.

Mostly it all depends upon your need, but try sticking to low sensitivity instead of high, this will make improve your gameplay as well as aim.

Check out : Why Low Sensitivity is Better than High Sensitivity in FPS Games

3. Button Mapping

The third tip for using controllers in splitgate is to map the buttons. You can customize your buttons to whatever you want it to follow.

Mapping your Jump buttons to the nearest button from your fingers to the controller will help you to click the buttons sooner.

You can map your buttons if you want to jump and shoot at the same time, make sure you map both buttons close to one another. So that will be easier for you.

4. Recoil Control

This is applies for all even the players using keyboard and mouse, but here we will talk about how you can control recoil with controllers.

The Only way to improve your aim is to go to the training mode, get yourself a weapon and start shooting the targets and must remember the pattern how you kill.

Every gun has a different recoil pattern, so do not worry about that, you can practice only the main weapons which you choose during the game, and that will improve your aim as well.

5. Hip Fire

One thing which is most recommended is to do Hip fire. Hip fire is firing any weapon while not aiming down the sight. It is very much beneficial in shooting.

If you had played games like Call of Duty before, there Hip fire is used mostly. In situations like when the enemy is at some distance, aiming down sights is almost always recommended.  The weapons will be built to be more accurate while aiming, and the sights and or optics will make it much easier to target the enemy.

So Hip firing, on the other hand, can be incredibly useful in close-quarters situations in the Splitgate.

6. Pre Aim

This is the simplest tip you will receive for the Splitgate, Hold your aim and shoot at the doors, portals as well as on the corners before the opponent arrives and get an easy kill.

Pre aiming can make your aim so much steadier and faster with the controller.

7. Practice Portals

Jumping to the Portals while using controllers are not that much easy, you should be perfect while jumping and moving out from the portal at the spot.

if you missed the portal on your first sky jump, its simple to get killed by some other player who was already outside the portal.

So, go to training, try jumping with the controller and track your movement while jumping, so that you get directly to the portal without missing it.

8. Use the Map

Always get your eyes on the map before going to the next location. Check for the best locations where you can hide, crouch or you can pre aim.

Look for higher ground or Lower ground from the map and get easy kills. So make sure to use map as an advantage always.

9. Watch Flank

Make sure you watch your back while rushing forward, same like other games like valorant, Call of Duty, you need to get more attention to the Flank.

Flanking in the game is very much useful, but also risky if the team is watching the flank you may not flank successfully if someone is watching your flank.

So always make sure to check Flank for some free killls.

10. Practice

The most important and needy tip is to practice and practice. All you need to be pro at controller is to practice.

Go to training, Practice with aim, Jumps, Portals and other moves that you want to get perfect at.


That were the best tips and tricks for the controller players in Splitgate. Make sure to follow each and every step to become master at this game using controller. If you have some other tips for controller players, feel free to comment below.

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