Splitgate: Unlock Partnered Streamer or Content Creator Name Tag

splitgate become partner streamer creator

Splitgate is getting popular day by day, and it’s really awesome to see that a small group of individuals are making games that are better than most of the games provided by big gaming giants out there.

I have played splitgate since the beta came out, and not once was I bored while playing the game. It’s enjoyable to play the game with your friends after school or on weekends.

Even though the game is similar, or some would say a copy of the Halo franchise, Splitgate has proven everyone wrong and has created its own separate name in the gaming industry.

Let’s talk about Splitgate Player Name Tags, I know most of you have seen some common name tags like a beta tester and others, but it’s uncommon to see a Partnered Streamer or Content Creator Name tag in Splitgate.

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How to get Splitgate Content Creator or Partnered Streamer Name Tag for free

Both of these name tags are rare to see in the game as this name tag shows the user is helping the splitgate community grow or the user is a youtube or a famous person who promotes the game by any means.

You need to be a content creator or streamer to Unlock these Tags in-game or get a discord role, right? Just follow the steps given below to unlock these tags.

Requirements to become content creator or splitgate partner

Community Streamer Requirements


Community Content Creator Requirements


Partnered Streamer Requirements


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Steps to unlock the in-game name tags

Unlocking these tags are quite easy, All you have to do is pick up one of the above roles for which you want to apply (Make sure you joined the discord server of Splitgate)

Special Note to get accepted as a partner

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become a Splitgate Partner without a Youtube channel?

Yes, you can become a splitgate partner without a youtube channel, but you need to have anything related to splitgate content. e.g., it could be Instagram or FB page, a website where you write splitgate content.

Is it worth becoming a Splitgate content creator?

Yes, promoting an awesome game that has been getting big every day is beneficial because you are making your brand name with the game, which is good for you too.

I don’t have many subscribers on my youtube channel. Can I become a partner?

Yes, you can, but you need to have splitgate content on your website with a small number of views on the videos (to verify that you are a serious content creator)

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