SpeedRunners takes over Splitgate (World Record)

split gate new record speed run race

Splitgate is one of the best multiplayer games of 2021. This game is so huge that everyone has to wait in queues to play this game. Their splitgate servers are full all the time.

This portal-based shooter with halo experience game is quite the thing we all need right now. After all the buggy and boring battle royale, we played to one of the best shooter experiences that splitgate provides.

If you are new to splitgate, let me tell you, Splitgate also has Arena Warfare Race that determines how much speed you have in taking and collecting all the balls across the map using portals.

After the Race is completed, it shows you the time you completed your Race in. Many people are trying to grind and get their names on leaderboards. I have tried many times to speedrun in splitgate, but it’s hard for me as well.

Speed Running in Splitgate

Splitgate speed run world record
Splitgate Speed Running World Record

For now, the speedrunning is quite unpopular in splitgate because people are still playing and enjoying the deathmatches because of how interesting and awesome the gameplay of splitgate is.

But day by day, people are joining in for the speedrunning action in splitgate. Many people have created and already beaten many of the speed run world records in Splitgate.

We can all quite agree that Speedrunning in games is a tough job, and in a game like splitgate, where understanding portals are difficult, it’s way too hard to do speed runs, in my opinion.

Splitgate Speedrun World Record

There are many speedrunning records in the game that cheaters are spamming. That’s why we have not included them in the list. We have only selected the top guy named Toby Repellant.

Toby has made a world record in the Stadium Map of Splitgate. His World Record is 28.522 Seconds. That’s inhuman. He collects all the disco balls in the game using portals at a very high speed that many partners and big splitgate streamers were shocked.

Quotes from some of the Top Splitgate Streamers

Speedrunning is really gonna give the game a new prespective you can chill and hangout when are you not being competitive.

Joseph Twitch

I don’t know what I saw, I didn’t understand any of it. Now I feel like I am so bad at this game.

Shots97 Twitch

The Splitgate Speed Run World Record Gameplay

What are your views on splitgate speedrunning? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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