20 Best Crosh Commands every Chromebook users should know

Crosh Commands

Just like windows and a lot of other applications, Chromebook OS also has its own Command Shell which is called Crosh. This is sometimes also referred to as Chrome Shell. You can’t access all of the commands without turning on the developer mode but it allows you to access the important ones in general. In this article, we will mention a set of commands that can be used in Crosh and executed simultaneously.

First of all, to open Crosh, you need to press Ctrl+Alt+T on your keyboard. This should open the Crosh Command screen where you can enter the following commands to execute the purposes mentioned.

CommandsPurpose of the Command
helpDisplays a list of executable commands.
help_advancedProvides a list of advanced commands.
help <command>displays what the mentioned command does.
uptimeShows the current runtime and the number of users logged in except you.
set_timesets manual time.
ping <website URL>Shows your ping on a particular website and also displays its IP address.
dnsLooks up a DNS server.
set_apnsets an APN to use cellular data.
modern helpuse this to configure the modem.
rollbackrolls back to the previous update.
bt_consoledebugs Bluetooth console.
memory_testlets you know the available memory.
battery_testlets you know the battery info.
connectivitychecks your connection details.
inputcontrolThis doesn’t work on every device. It lets you adjust mouse/TouchPad controls.
exitClose Crosh.
vmc start -enable-gpuForcefully enables the GPU for Linux. It helps Linux to perform far better.
ipaddrs -6Displays the IPv6 address for your Chromebook.
ipaddrs -4Similar to the last command, this one displays the IPv4 for your Chromebook.
topDisplays all of the processes in your Chrome OS.
Crosh Commands

These are all the commands for basic Crosh usage. You can easily do multiple things that you want to using these commands. But, if you want to go further and beyond, you can enable developer tools and use even more commands like rlz, route, etc. These commands are only for people who know what they’re doing as they can cause issues otherwise.

That will do for all the important Crosh Commands. Hope this article was helpful.

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