20 Funny Questions to ask Amazon Alexa in 2022 (Hindi)

If you have bought your first Amazon Alexa device and you were wondering what the awesome things you can ask Alexa in Hindi are, then you might be at the right place because, in this article, we will tell you the best questions you can ask your Alexa device right now.

Amazon Alexa, usually known simply as Alexa, is a virtual assistant whose primary focus is to make your life easier and better. Alexa is one of the most popular virtual assistants ever to exist. If you want to ask your Alexa some excellent questions in Hindi, then read the list given below.

Funny Questions to ask Alex in Hindi

Some of the questions to ask Alexa in Hindi are given below:

  1. ek gana gaw                                   (एक गाना गाव ?)
  2. aati kay khandala                      (आती क्या खंडाला ?)
  3. kay mujhse saadi karogi           (क्या मुझसे साड़ी करोगी?)
  4. tumhara ghar kaha hai             (तुम्हारा घर कहाँ है ?)
  5. tumhari saadi ho gayii              ( तुम्हारी साड़ी हो गई ?)
  6. Kay tumhe mujhse pyr hai      (क्या तुम्हें मुझसे प्यार है ?)
  7. Kay haal hai                               ( क्या हाल है ?)
  8. i love you
  9. tum bahut bura gaati ho             (तुम बहुत बुरा गाती हो ।)
  10. rasore me kaun tha                       (रसोरे मे कैन था ?)
  11. kitne aadmi the                          (कितने आदमी थे? )
  12. Apni ek sayri sunao                  ( अपनी एक सायरी सुनाओ । )
  13. Kay tumhe garmi lagti hai       (क्या तुम्हें गर्मी लगती है ?)
  14. tum bahut moti ho                       (तुम बहुत मोटी हो ।)
  15. kay tum Pagal ho                      (क्या  तुम पागल हो ?)
  16. i hate you
  17. kay mai tumhe pasand hu        (क्या मै तुम्हें पसंद हु ?)
  18. tumhara baap ka naam kay hai (तुम्हारे बाप का नाम के है ?)

Some of the videos shown above have many questions in Hindi that you can ask your Alexa device right now.

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