What is Gamefi? How to Earn Crypto While Playing Free Games

Ever heard of getting paid while playing games, well many of you already know about earning crypto currencies playing games, but most of you don’t know how this actually works.

In this thread, I will explain what is Gamify, How to play and earn while playing games, and learn about Play to earn games that you need to know.

We will not go into much detailed in crypto and other tech terms, but as a gamer you should know basics of NFT’s and earning crypto currencies playing games.

What is Gamefi?

Gamefi is a mobile based company or a play to earn Platform where many mobile games are developed in order to give the players rewards or crypto currencies while playing games.

Gamefi is now trending in the gaming Industry, and comes with play to earn mechanism. It is the new technology that is improving day by day to give player best gaming experience with crypto currencies.

Features of Gamefi

  • Supports decentralized finance (DeFi)
  • non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Block Chain games.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/gamefi_official?lang=en

Official Site : Gamify

Growth of Gamify

There are currently good and bad both effects of Crypto gaming, There was a big issue with the trust factor by many players not believing into NFT’s and Gamify.

But, now with time, the Crypto gaming is now really improving day by day. With more money being spent in the market, there’s no doubt that crypto gaming will grow into its own business.

Crypto gaming improves the overall gaming experience for the gamers as well as for the game developers.

What are “Play to Earn” games

fortified nft game

Play to Earn is the newest innovation, or say new technology combined with gaming industry which is popular to reward the players as Crypto or NFT tokens. The Play2Earn is achieved by running the games on Blockchain, and present them with digital asset-powered economies.

An NFT game is Played by the user to gain some in-game assets such as – skins, characters, weapons, virtual lands and much more.

The Value of these assets can give you a lots of real money, and that is why it is called Play to Earn Games.

For more detailed information about Play2Earn check here.

Top Games to Play and Earn Crypto

There are many games that are available for free which will help you to grind and get most of the rewards from the games.

Top NFT games played and suggested by the gamers are provided below

and many more.

If you want to check the upcoming NFT’s games that i am excited for in 2022-2023 check these games here.


You can always get something playing these play to earn games, this is always better than getting nothing. start with your very basic games and try to get most from it.

This was a very basic guide about Gamify,NFT’s & Play to Earn games, Make sure you check out official sources for more if you want to start earning some real money!

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